Days 70 & 69

I’m treating this 70 days to sexy as a countdown… so yesterday was day 70–

I did chest/triceps/abs


push ups

3 sets of 10

plank with butt ups between






1 sets lateral raises with 10’s


Incline flys



dips 7, 7

abs between lifting sets

After I ran outside on my trail– down hill, 3 loops each direction and then 1 min uphill, 2 min walk recovery, repeat then cool down jog home


I was BEAT!


Today I felt better overall…still tired and adjusting to being back to a good diet and working again



warm up on bike



body weight x10




calf raises

leg swings

leg lifts

ab wheel 15x2sets


Deadlifts (Romanian)



Leg extensions




20 hip ups x 2sets


I opted to skip my lunges…I will be sore enough since it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve done a real leg workout like this 


For work today I took some videos, had a conference call about a really cool product and I worked on my new sales funnel a bit, I can’t wait to tell you more about it!


OH and I got my new super cool FITMARK bag today


69 days to sexy bikini vlog…
Today I talk about leg workouts, flat butt syndrome, building a booty, my love for bikinis and trucks, I also talk a bit about cross fit and why I DO NOT DO IT plus share with you how I help people all over the USA buy new vehicles.



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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