40 Days to Fit ~ Day 40

TODAY is the last day in the Challenge!!! Thanks so much for participating…I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through your comments!! It has been a TRUE PLEASURE!


Day #40-FIT tip- This tip comes from my heart…I honestly BELIEVE you can reach your goals and you need to BELIEVE it too!! Believing in your dreams is the very first step towards attaining them! Know you can LIVE your DREAM life, Have your DREAM Body and CREATE a DREAM legacy for yourself. God wants you to be HAPPY!! Believe it!! The choice is yours; It’s up to you!! JUST BELIEVE!!!



Day #40-Featured ARTICLE-


CONGRATS!! You’ve made it through your 40 days!!!~ to officially GRADUATE from the “40 Days to FIT” Submit your FINAL ENTRY!(see below)


All those who truly feel they did participate/comment for the 40 days and submit and entry will get a in the mail “PRIZE” from me!! Please use the “HONOR SYSTEM”~ thanks!


CONGRATS!! You are now more FIT (in mind, body and spirit)than 40 days ago!!! Love your friend,

Michelle “BuffMother” Berger


Please submit your entry no later than Wednesday (the 17th) — it’s paramount that you get the done so you can see your results at the end of this contest!!

Once complete please post in www.TeamBuffMother.com and email the entry to me at buffmother@gmail.com


Title your post and email “_________(your name)40 Days to Fit Entry”



Name (first and last name)-

www.teambuffmother.com user name –



starting weight-

ending weight-



starting BUST-

ending BUST-

starting WAIST-

ending WAIST-

starting HIPS-

ending HIPS-

starting MID-THIGH-

ending MID-THIGH-



FULL body if possible and in the same light and location as starting pics.

Clothing-  must be the SAME as for your starting pictures.


STARTING Pictures-

One front

One side

One back


ENDING Pictures-

One front

One side

One back



Questions and Review instructions:

Please detail how you participated in the 40 days to Fit?

Do you feel you gained results from the contest? Please detail:


If you attained positive results, Please write a public review for 40 Days to Fit by BuffMother somewhere online.  Please include a link here:


Was the Rally Room helpful?

Was Michelle Berger’s training information useful and helpful?


ALSO! Be sure to include your name, address (so I can send your prize!) and any other tidbits you’d like.





The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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