40 Days to Fit ~ Day 28

Day #28-FIT tip-
POSTURE!!! Look slimmer, feel taller, convey confidence with good posture.  Practice walking with head parallel to the ceiling, chest lifted, shoulder back, abs in, and SMILE!  PLUS don’t forget to keep perfect posture when you are working out- no slouching on the treadmill, elliptical or when lifting allowed!!

Day #28-Featured ARTICLE-

Yesterday I brought my DD and a group of her friends to a classmate’s pool party. When I got there tons of 13 year old kids were running around having a blast!  Such fun times!! I was so jealous Where was my invite to the party???


…and when do I have “FUN” like that anymore?  As adult I’ve gotten so serious, responsible,  reserved, I rarely let loose anymore…why?? …to be honest this problem started in my own childhood. When I think back to my 10 year old and into my teens,  there was NONE of that fun to be found.  It makes me mad!



Did I loose out on my childhood?

Why am I the way I am– self analysis can be a dangerous thing, HA!


Sadly, I did lose out on my childhood a bit.  I am an independent, responsible person by nature who was an older sibling to a sister 7 years younger a brother 10 years younger and another brother 14 years younger.   No time for me to just be a kid, I had to help raise kids as a kid.


Now days, I truly have “fun” from time to time, but otherwise Responsibility and STRESS rule my life.  I enjoy my life, I am happy, but true running around, playing and screaming fun is too rare!


Well in my next 40 years i plan to have more fun and be more fun.  Not just when it’s “TIME” for fun, but in everything I do. I plan to try to find joy in everything and just have fun!!



I want more fun!!  More JOY!!



Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 13 days  left in the Challenge!!!

Stand Tall and have some fun!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger



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