40 Days to Fit ~ Day 25

Day #25-FIT tip-
Balance is a key measure of fitness…Wii Fit measures a person’s “fit age” by testing balance. Improving balance will help improve memory and help prevent falls later in life.  Try the tree pose: stand on one foot while placing the sole of the other foot on the inside thigh of the stationary leg.

Day #25-Featured ARTICLE-


I believe today was a Terrific day…  I worked hard this morning and then I got my nails done~ they look so much better.

I also shaved my legs today (my leg hair is very blond and have fine hair on my legs, so I only shave about 1 time a week– I am lucky!), another little thing that made my day, lol!! Isn’t it amazing how little things like that can make you feel some much better?!


As you may have guessed  I VALUE the “little things”…I truly believe that if you focus on making the correct decision on the hundreds of little choices you face  daily that will lead you to success!
An entire FOUNDATION in my book “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” is based upon this principle…Here is an EXCERPT:


Every wise choice creates eternal benefits:
I believe that every positive choice you make concerning attitude, diet and fitness carries lifelong benefits. Simply put, every time you exercise, your body changes for the better on a cellular level.  Nobody can take it away from you!!  I’m talking about: every set, rep, cardio session, vegetable you eat, glass of water you drink, etc. Every good decision affects every cell of your body in a positive way forever!  When you truly understand this fact, it is powerful!
You must focus all your energy on doing everything in your power to create massive momentum toward reaching your goal.  The more momentum you create, the faster you will be successful!!  Keep in mind that every tiny little thing has an effect on your momentum. If you aren’t doing something to gain “Mojo” you’re losing it!

I know this might sound a little intimidating so let’s simplify. You must understand that success or failure will be determined by the little things that you do on a daily basis.  You need to choose get healthy and fit, to get “buff”, with every decision you face daily.  If you do your momentum will continue to build and you will continually move in a positive direction.  It’s the little things that you do habitually and consistently that create massive momentum.
I call the LITTLE THINGS you do daily the BuffMojo Basics.  They are guaranteed to get your momentum moving in a positive direction.  By now, you know that I believe in keeping things simple.  However, I almost never describe anything as “easy.”  The GREAT thing about the BuffMojo Basics is that they are all simple and easy!!  This is why they are so powerful:


The BuffMojo Basics:
Drink a glass of water
Eat a green veggie
Exercise for 2 minutes
Write down a positive affirmation
Write down 5 things you are thankful for
Identify 3 positive qualities in the next person you see
Pay someone a genuine compliment
Encourage someone
Stand up and stretch
Take 5 deep breaths, exhaling completely after each one.
Clean something for 2 minutes
Stretch for 3 minutes
Eat a piece of fruit
Eat a carrot
Take your Buffing/Boosting supplements
Not doing something negative counts as doing something positive!


Let’s use a mental illustration:
Picture a train parked on tracks that lead up a long gradual hill. This train represents your momentum.  At the top of the hill is success  your dream, goal, etc.).  At the bottom of the hill is a bottomless pit called failure.  Every positive imprint is fuel for the train making it speed up the hill.  Every negative imprint is like lead weighing the train down. Remember, you are either gaining speed going up the hill, creating a positive momentum to your goal, or you are rolling backwards towards destroying your momentum and possibly even creating a negative legacy.
Start making even little decisions based on whether or not it will create positive momentum or negative momentum toward your goals.   Every positive thought, deed, comment, action, and choice has the power to create more momentum.  You literally have thousands of opportunities every single day to gain momentum!!

Water or Coke?
Supplements over candy
Lettuce over cookies
Blueberries instead of ice cream
Banana over cereal bar
Oatmeal instead of fruit loops
Walk instead of a drive
Gym over mall
Workout vs. happy hour


You have control over every decision!   The big picture is made up of the little things!
Please keep commenting~ It will help you stay focused…just 16 days (including today) left of the Challenge!!!

If you fall, GET UP!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger



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