40 Days to Fit ~ Day 21

CONGRATS on the great start you’ve had to the the first 20 days of the “40 days to FIT” challenge! You are half done!!  Let’s buckle down~ BE RELENTLESS over the next 20 days~ you can see some big changes even in that short period of time.

Day #21-FIT tip-
Switch Hands!  If you snack with your non-dominant hand you will eat less..try it, but beware it may get messy!!

Day #21-Featured ARTICLE-

A great Leg Circuit…whoohoo

BOY what a super leg circuit I did!

I had a lot of things going today– so I had to fit my workout in quick!

I did a leg circuit workout that took about 25 mins


Here it is– try it an let me know what you think:
1. DB Squats- held weights(#30db’s) up by shoulders went down low 15 reps
2. Leg extensions- 15 reps of 100, 160, 160
3. Dead lifts- #30 db’s down to touch weights on floor 15 reps
4. Bulgarians- 3x10x 15 #db’s
5. Laying leg lifts on incline bench 3×20
6. Abs knee ups 3 sets of 30

Did all 6 exercises in a row repeated 3 times…

~finished with 20 stationary lunges w/#30 db’s

and then 3 sets of 30 walking lunges
and 3 sets of leg curls super set with the walking lunges


The workout was GREAT!!


Please keep commenting on the “Feature” for your accountability~ It will help you stay focused…just 20 days left of the Challenge!!!

Change = Challenge; Challenge = Change!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger



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