40 Days to Fit ~ Day 18

Day #18-FIT tip-
To resist temptation to snack after dinner, brush your teeth immediately after your meal.  As an added benefit studies have found that your energy can be raised by 30% from simply brushing your teeth!

Day #18-Featured ARTICLE-

Today I’d like to share a little Q & A from my BodyBuilding.com private messages:

Question from CINDY~
Hey,Wow – you are such an inspiration to me. Please, please tell me what your daily nutrition is like–I would just love to know what you eat in a day’s time.Also, your ab routine – would you please share!! I know we are all different, but I had two kids back-to-back (15 months apart). After my first child was born, my stomach went straight back to normal, but when my 9 pound son was born, he really did a number on me. I guess my stomach couldn’t take it so close together. I have flat abs now and I don’t mind working them, but the skin doesn’t look that hot. I have gotten it a lot tighter, but w/o having an abdominoplasty, I would like to see if I could take it to a higher level. Could you just look at my pictures, possibly, and give me any suggestions??? I would appreciate it so MUCH!!





Thanks for the compliments Cindy~ You are really kicking tail…I love what you wrote in your profile about not being too old to get results (BTW-  47 is NOT OLD!!)… You are right on!!!

…I know how frustrated you must be with your tummy, but just look at how much it HAS improved. I can see that you still have room for improvement in your progress pics for sure.

As for advice there are 2 things~

  1. lift heavy often…all the while keeping your tummy tight and engaged
  2. do abs DAILY!

Other than that…I’ve written a book “After Baby ABS” that contains my secret recipe to great abs~ I am sure you would find it helpful.

it’s available on my site www.buffmother.com

Keep working hard, your tummy will improve more and more…once you get another 3-4 months of HARD ab training under your belt, you will get a better picture of if you really have to have a tummy tuck~ that surgery is NASTY and I’d consider it a “last resort”.


As for diet-

Honestly I don’t follow a “meal plan”…never have and never will.  Here is a link to some info about my diet:


Also, I go through my diet in detai in my books~

Here’s a video where I speak about my 5-4-3-2-1 KISS DIET

Have a stellar Day!!


Please comment for your accountability~ stay focused…23 days left to get FIT!!!

Don’t forget to BRUSH!!
BuffMother, Michelle Berger
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