40 Days to Fit ~ Day 13

Day #13-FIT tip-

Pedometers are a cheap  fun way to motivate us to be more active in our daily lives.  Wear one around for a week and see if you meet the “active” person standard of 10,000 steps daily.

Day #13-Featured ARTICLE-

What were your resolutions?

 By mid-year I’ve almost always forgotten my New Year’s Resolutions, Have you forgotten too??

That’s part of why I love blogging, I can quickly and easly look back and REVISIT them.  So…here were mine:






2015 goals and Resolve

I could easily repeat the same things as I’ve resolved to do year after year.  Being who I want to be is an ongoing process…never ending and continually learning to walk Hand in Hand with God along the journey of life.  Instead of listing tons of items I’ll keep it to 2 Resolutions and Several goals:


2 resolutions for 2015:

1- Increase my personal interaction- less online more in person

2- Be outside more- this past year I’ve been inside too much.


Regarding my goals….I know one thing, I am not going allow myself to goINSANE “the definition of of insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting a new result”. It feels like that’s kinda what I’ve been allowing myself to do in certain areas of my life/business. WELL this year I will not go insane!


Goals for 2015:



  1. To be certain my husband and kids know 2 things: that I am here for them whenever they need me and that I love them unconditionally
  2. To work on MANNERS– think “finishing school”
  3. Teach/Learn some MONEY MANAGEMENT



  1. To get back to “church” on Sundays, even if we don’t Physically go, we need to watch a service or message
  2. Read/Listen to the Bible daily. I love the Bible app on my phone and have started to listen to it during my morning bike time
  3. Tithe faithfully.



  1. Stay consistent with what I know works- 3 days split: Chest, Legs, Back, repeat. Intervals 3-4 times a week. Plus, my morning fasted bike time 4-5 times a week. AND…. ABS/Booty work daily.
  2. Keep pushing to improve running speed and get “track ready”
  3. Lose a bit of the fluff by cutting down on  “sensitivities”: dairy, gluten, yeasts, etc… and Eat more protein and less “treats”


  1. Do work in my business that builds toward the future financially and impacts others for good.
  2. Finish some projects that are “half done”: gym, upstairs living room, windows/doors, office, outside projects
  3. Keep the mindset of “will this impact me in 5 years?” to eliminate daily stress

I’m excited for the YEAR and week ahead.  The holidays are over and now it’s time to GO! Let’s have a good one!!



Comment for your accountability~ stay focused…28 days left to get FIT!!!

Walk it off!!


BuffMother, Michelle Berger




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