6 100!

Hello ladies!! My countdown to 40 is now at the 1 month mark…OH MY! I’m feeling some good progress, but at the same time I FEEL OLD! Holy HIP stiffness– seriously ever since my Mother’s day Leg workout my hips have felt out of place. Then yesterday I rant 6 100m sprints at track attack…TRUST ME, it didn’t help my hip issue!


I do have consolation though in that my 2 DD’s who ran with me are so sore too!! Tia said it’s like she had bruises on her legs– her jeans touching them made them hurt.  Oh MY!! SPRINTS ARE EFFECTIVE. 45mins total of working out on Tues.


Monday was 20 mins of bike in the morning and 25 mins of back, shoulder, biceps and abs.


Tonight, I’m going to do bench (chest, tris and abs)…plus some butt work– I have to keep my hips loose. Once they tighten up things get bad! I’ll do a couple BUTT SANDWICHES.


In other news, I’ve been working like crazy on business stuff. WE are launching several new marketing campaigns in the next few weeks…check out www.AfterBabyABS.com


I’ve also been setting up a new computer system at my house…my desktop was still running on XP so…It was bogging down. I’ve upgraded to my son’s desktop that has Windows 7.  It’s much faster, but takes some getting use to and has needed a ton of set up time. I also bought Microsoft 365 Home— that way I can use it on my phone, my mac and this desktop.


I have a new APPAREL shop in the works too!!


I posted this video about turning 40 thought you may enjoy it too:





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