Scientific Mind

Decided to return my FitBit Surge…

It was not “scientific” or accurate enough for me. I am a NERD. Went to school for Exercise Science and YES, I excelled at the NERDY labs we did to test fitness levels, strength, metabolism, body-fat, heart rate, EKG’s etc… so having a piece of equipment that doesn’t quite operate on the SCIENCE drove me insane!

I think it’s a good tool for the general public, but for me I couldn’t handle the inaccuracy, especially the inaccuracy of my HR monitor. The main reason I purchased it was for the HR monitor and it was not accurate enough for my purposes.  I’m going to try the Polar A300 instead.


I’m really liking this song, and what is also cool about it is the trio…my 3 girls could be them when they grow up!


Track Attack, Practice last night was great! we had a couple new faces, hoping for more each time!!
Next practice is Saturday at 2pm
We did our warm up, drills and stretching. Then ran a 200m, 400m(mine was 68sec) and 100m– Everyone did GREAT! …finished with practicing the triple jump. Right, Right, Left, PIT! or Left, Left, Right, PIT! Fun times!
Next practice we will focus hard on SPEED!! We’ll do 100’s and some shorter 30m accelerations. Join us you will get FASTER!

My workout total time was 20mins bike in am, 45mins of track attack= 65 mins



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