Fun Track Practice

Yesterday’s practice was very fun…we did our warm up, stretching and drills– we added BOUNDING to the list of drills.
Then we practiced our start 2x’s before running 2 FAST 100m dashes. After that we learned about the hurdles & did some drills with them. Next we practiced our LONG JUMPS…run fast, jump high to go far!! We finished with a real attempt at running over 6 hurdles, everyone, including myself made it over without CRASHING!

I also did a 30 min leg workout earlier in the day. Squats, Deads both at 155#’s and some knee extensions, but stuff and some abs of course


Today, I was TIRED!! Ended up not getting up at 7am…had to grab an extra little bit. Tomorrow though, I will be back on track for the 7 am wake up call.

I just now finished a little workout, biked for 10 mins, then did some back, shoulders biceps and abs in a circuit for another 16mins.


May 4= 55min

May 5= 60mins

May 6= 26 mins


Time to go eat…and I’ve been eating better the past 2 days, but have had a bit of wheat in a low carb tortilla– thinking my body didn’t like that today.


See you tomorrow!


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