Hey ya’s, Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am so excited that so many of you are IN our 40 days to Fit contest!!  You can start late and even if you don’t fully join in you can still benefit from the AMAZING ATTITUDES caused by this contest! I promise that you will have more mojo after these 40 days! Join us!!

Celebrate my 40th with me. Join us in for our 40 days to fit contest #buffmother #motivation #contest #bikini

Posted by BuffMother! on Monday, May 4, 2015

I’m a rollin’ along in this contest, I feel very engaged. It helped to take my pics and stats yesterday. I did manage to get up both today and yesterday at 7am. Didn’t sleep much last night though, we went to bed at 1:30am. And tonight I’ll be up late– i have to pick up my son after they return from the STATE TRACK MEET in Herber Springs, AR.  He’s running the 4x400m relay this afternoon– Wish him luck!

As for me, here’ my workout report:

Sunday workout 5-3: Hike (while trimming trees) and Bike 13 mins

Monday workout 5-4: bike, got interrupted 2x’s with phone calls 15 mins, Run 25mins on treadmill- 3.1 miles total– hard mins at 9mph. NO QUAD PAIN!! Outside sprinter drills 15mins= 50mins

Today: Legs and Track Attack at 5:30

Track Attack will now have practice on Tue, Thurs @5:30 and Sat at 2pm.

had to move practice after talking to the Athletic Director of Gravette HS…we can’t have it as the same time as football.  Also, I had to assure him my “club” was not for profit. It’s costing me a lot of money and time– certainly not a profit center!

EATING REPORT: Getting better, but yesterday was a bust. I had several items on my NO, NO list.  I need to go to the store!

My focus is protein and greens.  I did have a cucumber and celery yesterday

Today’s Eats: 3 eggs, 1.5 cup coffee with half and half, PLAN: Lunch- burger with mustard and a carrot, Dinner: MEXICAN, no chips– I’ll do a salad.


The Choir concert went well, both girls left us wanting more of them ON STAGE. My DD Gracie had a very short solo…she just got rollin’ and it was over!  She’s practicing “Rolling in the Deep” to do for her next guitar/singing video.

Here’s her last one if you missed it:


Today,  bought myself another bikini and early bday present– I’ve bought several from this site…


they have a 15% off coupon code: MEMORIALDAY


That’s all for now, Love you ladies!!


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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