May Goals: 40 Days!!

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Overall I had a good April, it was a REBUILDING month.  I had to rebuild my fitness after my ankle sprain (it’s still not totally healed, probably at 80%). I also started to rebuild my track fitness.  In the process I learned caution, my quad didn’t like that I did too much too soon with it!  EASING into it is much smarter than getting injured!!  My quad did much better at the track yesterday, I was able to sprint– did 2×200 in 31sec and called it good!


I am very much looking forward to our “40 Days to Fit” contest.
I’m ready for some change…I have goals, and I am finally ready to bite the bullet and DO what I need to do to attain them.


My goals:

  1. Lose 5 pounds, I need to get under 130 again.
  2. Increase track speed/fitness
  3. Workout every day in May

So much of the time I am my own worst enemy. I get lazy, complacent, unwilling to do what I KNOW TO DO! I’ve got my workout mojo rolling, now I just need to make a few other changes in order for me to get to my goals:

  • Eat less bread, dairy and carbs– I’ve let more of these items sneak in.  No Chips, No bread and No beer (except Saturdays) until my b-day.
  • Push my workouts harder– I’m striving to average 15 mins more daily this month than last! (last month I averaged 35 mins daily)
  • Eat consistently– Eat my P’s and G’s often. I get lazy about eating– not eating often enough and then I suffer– physically and metabolically and in my workouts.
  • Get my sleep better, by forcing myself to get up earlier each day!  My goal is to get up at 7 every day this week starting tomorrow.
  • Do a 40 day devotional “The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind”– I started it on May 1st.  LOVE IT!


Tomorrow, my son leaves to go to the state track meet, they run the 4x400m on Tuesday. And 2 of my DD’s have a choir concert tomorrow night. Gracie has a solo!! AND ALSO, Tomorrow night I am officially inducted into my Highschool’s Sports HALL OF FAME!! There’s an awards banquet in Fergus Falls, MN. I couldn’t attend to give my acceptance speech, but I am still honored!!

Had a blast at Track Attack practice Saturday!

We did a warm up, drills: walking high knees, side sqauts, tippy toe, heel walks, A skip, Butt kicks
2x200m with 5 min recovery
Circuit x2 of 10 squats, 10 jumps, 5 push ups, 40m run
Softball throw
Ladder drills


Now, I’m off to plant my garden.

have a good SUNDAY,



April Daily Workout Time:

  1. 48
  2. 30
  3. 40
  4. 44
  5. 48
  6. 31
  7. 31
  8. 31
  9. 52
  10. 27
  11. 21
  12. 53
  13. 63
  14. 24
  15. 20
  16. 35
  17. 36
  18. 20
  19. 30
  20. 45
  21. 40
  22. 38
  23. 14
  24. 24
  25. 30
  26. 20
  27. 46
  28. 20
  29. 41
  30. 47

total= 1049 mins for april= an average of just 35 mins per day.


May 1= 40 mins

May 2= 80 mins


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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