29th of April and my 29th Day in a row for workouts!!  If you have never tried this EVERY DAY workout mentality you should! Something every day changes things in my brain– so many less excuses, no loss of momentum and such a sense of pride!


Today was 21 mins of bike in the morning, then 20 mins of lifting just now: inverted pull ups, bicep curls and pull ups- plus some core work for both my abs and lower back.


Yesterday, I had a good solid run for 20 mins– a couple intervals at 8mph, then 10 mins straight at 8. It was good and no quad flare up!!


Tomorrow, is the first day of my little “Track Club”…it’ll be just a soft start and more of a meeting than practice, but still I must be prepared!

please support us with a like on facebook www.facebook.com/NWATrackAttack


When I was in Highschool, on of my many nicknames was “Shaggy”…could it have been the Hair??

I’m getting excited for the new month, and our new contest starting May 4th.

Don’t miss it, it’ll be “40 days to FIT!!” Details here: http://www.teambuffmother.com/…-days-to-fit-contest


Now time to chill on this HUMP DAY!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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