Boosting Attire

warm up bike

Inverted pull ups 3×10 under; over; bicep

Knee ups front 2×20
Knee ups left side 2×10
Knee ups right side 2×10

Edge of bench hip ups 2×10

Rows 95 x 9 Overhand
95 x10 under hand x2sets

2 rounds:
Ball ladder 10 each side
Ball above head both hands 20
Oblique on ball 10 each side
Ball full sit ups 10

Snatch 45×10
Shoulder press
55 10x3sets (curl bar)

Standing high knees leaning forward
10 each leg then 20 alternating x2 sets

Sit ups

Reverse crunches
Bicep curls 55 × 10; 65x 10x2sets

Scissors 20 total
Turkish ups 10 each arm
Crunches 10
Side crunches 5 each side
Pump ups 20

Bicep curl
65×7 x2sets bar
70x 6  x2sets preacher curl

38 mins total



Boosting means i wear stuff like this ‪#‎BuffMother‬
‪#‎back‬ ‪#‎abs‬ ‪#‎shoulders‬ ‪#‎biceps‬

OH and my track day yesterday stunk…I have a strained upper quad muscle.  Been icing it and wearing a PAIN MASTER on it.

Hoping it’ll settle down enough so I can at least jog a bit tomorrow. But no sprinting for at least a few more days.

Have a good Wed night,


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