Really Boosting! FITBIT

Last night I got in a good squat workout
Warm up bike 7 mins

Bulgarians- body weight






Dead lifts


Leg Extensions

115x10x3sets + a bit of extra VMO short range of motions

Leg Curls




abs series on the ball



That was it, but very effective– total workout time was 45mins

Today, I already rode the bike for 30 mins, however it was not fasted. I’ve been really BOOSTING this month!!  This afternoon, I have a track workout on tap.  Gonna head there at about 4:30 so I can workout AFTER most of the track kids are done–

I got a lot of work done on TRACK ATTACK!  (our Track club’s name)

It’ll be kinda unorganized at first but should come together quickly.


Eats so far today

M1- Banana +Sweet Angle PP (Blended in a Shake N’ Take) PC

M2- Tuna+ Egg salad, Carrot and Lettuce PCFG

M3- Burger and Apple  PFC


I’ve also drank 2 cups of coffee with half n’ half and half a coconut water while I got some sun and digested lunch


I’ll have 1 more carb today after my run and I need to get in more P’s and G’s tonight!


Like I said I am truly BOOSTING this month. Really, Really Trying to eat more so I can perform better and recover better from my workouts! I am gaining weight too- up to 135 today. Oh well, it will come off after this boosting phase. Today is cycle day 23.


Anyhow, I ordered myself a present today. A FIT BIT SURGE!!

Should be fun to get involved in the fitbit world and use it as a heart rate monitor, etc..  Every heart rate monitor I’ve ever used with a chest strap has been so uncomfortable and a pain to use that this may actually work for me!

Time to get ready to run!



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