HI Ya!

Time to write my POA for the week. POA is PLAN OF ATTACK…we all need one and should make one weekly.


S- Treadmill run plus mish mosh of back, abs, booty

M- 20mins bike; LEG DAY

T- Track day

W- Bike in AM; Back, shoulders biceps

Th- chest, tris, abs– KID’s last meet of 2015 “Conference”

F- Track Day

Sa- at least 20mins of something – we’ll see how sore I am

Su- Track day

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Yesterday was a very minimal workout day as I was WAY SUPER SORE from running at the track on Thursday.  Everything was sore, my arches, my abs, my quads, my groin, the muscles in-between my ribs, etc… Nothing like running fast to make a person sore!

I got in 20mins on the bike, but had no energy to do anything more.  I also had to eat a TON yesterday– My body was in big time recovery mode!

Today, I am less sore but still feeling it.  Time to hit the treadmill for a run and do some other stuff– abs, booty and some upper body (mainly back) stuff.

Time for me to get off the computer– trying to have a “break” from it!

Enjoy your sunday and be sure to make your own POA!!



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