Holy Moly!! The Slim Angel 28 day contest entries are so INSPIRING!! Thanks so much for making my MOJO RISE!

Another thing that raised my MOJO was the sunshine we had here yesterday. It was great and I did get to the track.  I pushed back the “start” day for our club for a week or 2…just because I need to be more prepared physically (my ankle isn’t at 100% and it’s hard to explain my gimpyness to people I don’t know, lol) and paperwork wise

I did have a good track session– 33 mins total

ran 2 laps slow, then did some drills and stretching

ran 400 medium/fast speed

Ran 4×200’s– first and last faster; middle 2 more about pacing and form: 31, 34, 35, 31; Recovery between was 3-4 mins of walking and a bit of jogging

Finished with jogging a lap for cool down and a 100m strider

It was very good considering all factors. I had not run anywhere but on the treadmill for the past month due to my ankle.  I could tell! AND I can tell today big time– already SORE!!


We’ve had a bit of the sickies rollin’ through our house. I had 2 kids home sick yesterday. I felt rather ill on Wednesday. Hubby felt ill yesterday. But it seems to be a quick little one– so expecting the weekend to be great!


Work also was interrupted yesterday from a ATT internet tech visit…he had to rewire my house. So you know how that goes– 3 hours of a time suck!

Today should be great. Going to get the work done I was supposed to finish yesterday. Work on the Slim Angel Entries and then CHILL OUT on a DATE with the hubby!!


Love you all, You are so inspiring!!



p.s. I am going through the entries over the next couple days.  I’ll be sure to comment on each

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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