2 more days in the books!

14 days in a row!!!And I can tell I am getting in better shape and seeing changes in my clothes even if the scale stays rather steady.

Yesterday I logged 63 mins of workout time–that’s my high for the month

I did biking in the morning and lifting in the afternoon- a leg workout with a mish mosh of items in addition between this-
Squats 45×10, 135x10x2sets, 155×10

Deads 135x4sets

Lunges 45×10– first time on ankle since sprain

Knee Extensions 115x10x3


Today I did 20 mins of bike and 24 mins of a run…I ran pretty hard, on the treadmill again.

Out of curiosity I take my blood sugar after running from time to time.  Today it was a bit higher than usual (214) but it shows the power of our bodies ability to create Glucose with out carbs.  Gluconeogenesis is your body’s ability to make glucose without carbs …my bood sugar 15 mins after a 20 min interval run. The only carb I’ve eaten today is 1 small carrot at noon.

It’s back to normal range at 88 an hour later.

The kids are a track meet but it is raining on an off plus thunderstorms are moving in…not sure if it’s worth making the drive there.


I think we need to do a “Six Weeks to Sexy” contest in honor of my 40th…what do you think? Ya’ll up for starting that in about a week?

Love ya’s,


The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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