2 months left

2 months left of being 39 for me…I am determined to feel and look my best by that day!

I have to be honest I’ve really been struggling with the big 4-0!  Sadly, no one is giving me any sympathy   Most of my best friends are older than me and rightly so don’t feel bad for me at all, lol!

Anyhow, no more pity for myself, I can’t do anyhing about the fact I was born in 1975…all I can do is be the best version of me at 40.

I have a lot of goals over the next 2 months:

1- Get my track club started…this Thursday is our first day!

2- Train for track with the goal to Compete in the MASTER National Track meet– it’s in July

3- Keep rockin’ my business and get it more profitable. I’ve been making big changes to help get it rollin’– hoping those can help me make some $$

4- I want to celebrate my b-day in style…I have a few ideas, but all require money that seems scarce at the moment. I’ll work hard on a “budget” to get my party fund.


My fitness goals will be very running centered, running FAST- effective training- lots of 200’s, 400’s. I’m way faster if I’m a bit lighter…would like to be 125 vs. 130– this next month is about that and building a good base on the track.  FYI- for me to drop to 125 and keep a healthy “performing” body fat, I will have to shed a bit of muscle- mostly in my upper body.  It’ll happen almost automatically with proper emphasis on my track training.

Then after I drop the weight, my diet will be all about eating to perform!

Yesterday, rode bike for 15mins and I got in a good solid run on the treadmill.  Hit it hard, running intervals at 1x 9mph x1 min, then 3x 9mphx 2mins- I did hop off for 45 sec of non- running recovery after each 2min– it was a good workout!  35mins total for the day!

Today’s workout will be LEGS! Glutes too!

I’ll also keep trying to do my morning bike for 20mins daily– been getting it done 3-4 times a week

Tue- back, shoulders, biceps and run (at track if I can– supposed to rain)

Wed- chest and intervals on bike

Thurs- first day of track club

Friday- Legs

Let’s have a great week!!



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