Bad eats = belly pain

Oh sheesh!! I had a horrible gassy, acidic belly last night and it was all my fault.

A few too many meals that were not “on plan” caught up with my tummy and BAM!!

Today is a new day, the tummy seems to be handling my coffee okay– so that’s good. Now to eat better today!

Yesterday was a fun time with my Layla–

I did start my day with a “healthy choice”


Then,we had Sonic for lunch, I had a diet Dr. P with my burger, tater tots and then later we had PIZZA (+I had 2 beers) for supper- BAD!! Add that day of eating to my EASTER Potato overload and the Pizza I ate on Saturday night– That’s called BAD MOMENTUM!  NO MORE!

We had fun shopping, Layla got some cute clothes and I scored some clothes too– she also got a pair of Chaco’s.

We both got some fun Bling– here’s mine

The good news is I did do my fasted bike yesterday for 20 mins and then forced myself to do a tiny upper body lifting workout last night for 11 mins.

31 mins total for yesterday– 6 for 6 in April!


The plan for today is to get in some bike (5-10mins), then run on the treadmill for 20min.

have a good day of work and EATING…then around 5pm do legs. I have yet to truly squat and do a full complete leg workout since my ankle sprain…Today’s the day.  I plan to do Squats, Deads, Lunges or Bulgarians, Leg curls, Knee extensions with lots of stretching and movement exercises for ankles/calves. Gotta get my ROM back in my ankle- I still have a limited motion and stiffness, but getting better daily!

Also on tap for today is to finally write up the follow up for our last Conference Call and start to work on the “final entry” for the Slim Angel contest!!

Have a good Tuesday ladies!!


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