DD Date Afternoon

HI Ya’ll, It’s so fun to have a little GET AWAY from the routine sometimes. Yesterday, I did just that…DD and I went shopping all afternoon ! It was supposed to rain so we drove the extra 20 mins to go to the indoor mall in Fayetteville. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, crazy all the memories that cam flooding back of the days when our kids were little and a trip to the mall was our only “entertainment” we could handle with them, lol!

DD and I got lots of fun fall items and then some good eats at Olive Garden. We made it home around 6pm and then I did a short 2O min lifting workout. Bench, Inverted pull ups, Incline flys, knee ups for abs and a few other moves mixed in there.

Then we watched football, ate and chilled out as a family. It was a good solid family day!

Today, I have some “catch up” to do. Got to get orders out, Follow up on some emails, Get the 6 to Sexy workouts up for the VIP’s and scheduel the chats and conference calls for week #1!

To be honest the only reason I’m doing the contest is for myself HA! Not exactly, but I seriously need it! I’ve been in a funk for way to long and just need to PUSH past it!  Thanks for joining me on the journey to REGAIN that SEXY FEELING.  It’s easier to do it when others are WITH YOU! Synergy rocks!!

Okay, Time to get to it!!



The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!

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