March and beyond goals

New MONTH, time to write about My goals and a few thoughts:

  1. First off~ I ‘ve posted in the forum are theme for March…it should be a fun good goal for us all!!  “KISS-ABLE March” Rally Room theme
  2. Start a track club here in town: I am working towards this right now. I have a long list of TO DO items and have to go to Tulsa on the 21-23 of March for a Level 1 coaching certification course.  I need to get registered by March 7th. Prior to that I really need to talk with the local Athletic Director, City Rec dept. and Track coaching staff about my plans just to be sure I am “allowed” to pursue the idea
  3. Learn and compete in a jujitsu meet sometime in the next year or 2:  this goal goes hand in hand with my love for MMA. About 4 years back, I started training some MMA in a women’s only class.  It was fun but that was when my BUTT/Sciatic flared up and got the worst it has ever been.  So I had to quit. Since then I’ve realized that kicking with my left leg is 100% off limits!  Thus, kickboxing is a not an option.  BUT the grappling/jujitsu part is a “safer” option.
  4. Continue on working towards my new years resolutions-MY TOP 4 New Year Resolutions/Goals!!
    1. Take more pictures and videos of my kids.  They are growing up too fast.  I must make an ON PURPOSE effort to capture them!
    2. Attack my Financial Goals, It’s my “Golden” year so this only makes sense
    3. Learn more about my Heritage.  I am on a quest to find out more about my family tree and my Scandinavian and German heritage.
    4. Attack some “scary” goals again!! I’ve gotten a bit conservative with my goals recently.  I expect that to change this year!
  5. Do a bit more modeling and acting.  I was invited to a casting for another movie last night…I couldn’t due to family obligations. However it did raise a curiosity in my head about the idea of doing more projects.  The current movie (which starts shooting again next Saturday) is taking more of my time that I had expected.  But the reality is that most roles would not be this time consuming or intense!  I would like to complete my updated resume/headshots by the end of April.
  6. Work on my business goals.  I have a few really amazing opportunities right now with BuffMother LLC and some potential partnerships.  I need to attack the BIG things.
  7. Work on my BODY goals.  I decided this week that part of my recent self-sabotage issues has been lack of a clear measurable goal.  I’ve changed my mindset about that this week and it’s working!  My goal is to be 128 by Sunday!

Seeing all this written down is a bit overwhelming!  I have lots to do and need to manage/leverage my time more efficiently!  I guess that needs to be another goal of mine….


Maybe if I get really “KISS-Able” this month I can lure a bunch of Minions to do my work for me, lol!!


Time to go…this afternoon my niece has a baby shower, the first GRANDBABY for my SIL and the first GREAT GRAND BABY in our family…So it’s a BIG TIME celebration!! The perfect time to give out some kisses!! and be KISS-ABLE!!


Love ya’s,




The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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