To WIN, no one needs to LOSE

~I believe… To WIN, no one needs to LOSE~ I read that statement somewhere last a while back…and it STRUCK me! I am very competitive, and LOVE to WIN…AND I also LOVE seeing others win.


HOWEVER, there are times when I catch myself in a contest with someone wishing that they would LOSE~so I can WIN. I DON’T want to EVER think that way!!!

That’s why I LOVE that no one has to lose in order for ME to win!! We can all win~ woohoo!


i’ve had a few people talking and asking about abs/butt workout info and help– please if you are a VIP take advantage of these great programs:


20 day AB program~…ontest-posts-summary


21 day Butt Program~…-21-day-butt-program


I’m having issues with self sabotage lately in my diet.  It seems like the second I start seeing the progress I want, I throw it away with some really bad choices.  I’ve got to stop that this next half of our contest!  I need to be more consistently in control!!


a couple more food pics from last night, didn’t take pics of the “bad stuff” lol!


Gunner is having a friend spend the night tonight, so after I finish a bit of work (I get to talk with Roshanda the winner of the Conference call prize phone consult), I’ll need to do some big time cleaning!


I also need to get in a solid hills run outside– it is a BEAUTIFUL day here!!


TGIF ladies!!




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