Happy Valentine’s Day!!


I have some free time this morning to get a few things done prior to heading to my next Movie SHOOT.  Tonight I get to kill someone and get shot! Fun stuff!!


Yesterday, I completed a recent “early morning” workout record for myself– started running at 7:15 am!! that’s very EARLY for me!!!!

Got my run done EARLY today- finished at 7:40am… After a 10min warm up ran 1 mile at 8mph with 3%grade– pushed into pain! #nopainnogain#workoutproof



Then after my run I had a weird thing happen.  I was getting my eggs cooked and rinsing off something in the sink and these words came to me: “And I will give you the Desires of your heart!”  It instantly made me cry with thankfulness~ God has GIVEN me the desires of my heart! He is amazing!!

I am so blessed!!


Here’s a pic I sent prior to heading out for the day– I knew we were shooting a Sleepy Middle of the night scene, so…limited my make up as not too look too made up…

Here’s a pic after we shot my first ever movie scene!! I will never forget it– thanks to everyone who made it happen! Dreams do come true — with Victoria Fox, Kim Pease and Jim Long.


Here’s a shot with one of the other Actors, Carl TheCoach Bailey— He plays Travis Tabor, the former Sheriff turned politician.


please keep me in your prayers as the shooting continues over the next couple weeks.  LOTS of Brains cells will be required for me to remember all my lines and stay sharp!


Have a happy Valentines day!!

Love, Michelle

p.s. my weight finally dropped back into the 120’s today for the first time in a several weeks! 127.8 on cycle day 5!! Yay for buffing!!

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!



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