ProStak BlenderBottle

The ProStak Blender Bottle is a fun new way to store and shake your drinks!!  Check out and tell them BuffMother sent ya!!

This shaker is called the ProStak for a reason.  It’s got 4 compartments so you can store use if for all your supplementation needs through out your day.



  1. Main shaker compartment with screw top lid.
  2. a small sealed compartment that can be stored at the bottom of the stak
  3. another small sealed can fit inside the main compartment or at the bottom of the stak
  4. Secret supplement compartment that fist inside the lid of a small compartment lid.

It’s like a spy gadget!!


The way I’d use this is to bring with me to work.  I’d keep my protein powder dry for a mid-morning snack. Mix it with water/blender ball when 10am rolled around. Which would also be a great time to take a few morning supplements that are conveniently hidden in the small compartment lid.


Then in another of the small compartments I’d keep my post workout creatine powder mix for me to drink in water on my drive home from the gym!


One Shaker for the entire day!!

Buy it Here:…rbottle-prostak.html

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