Another Snow Day

Snow day #2 for the week and my girls are screaming at each other. Just wonderful, lol!!

I’ve been trying to help my son Gunner get his website up and rolling the past day and I tell you what they don’t make it easy for you!! I’m going to be helping him with that today, plus trying to get more of my “PAPERWORK” done.

Crazy how much of that there is to do ALWAYS!


I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about food~ One of you posted about PERFECTION~ I’ve seen it so many times, people QUIT because of their ALL OR NOTHING mentality. Unfortunately many of the fitness professionals paint an skewed idea of how to be healthy and fit. They present themselves as PERFECT and never failing– which is a big lie. Everyone fails at times and no one eats 100% clean, healthy and perfect all the time.


I’ve already received several negative comments on my food pics this month because I ate something less than perfect.  I’ve never claimed to be faultless, I only claim to try to make wiser choices more consistently;  continually striving to improve myself and my health. Know that it’s a journey!! Learning the lifestyle of healthier eating takes years of effort and determination!!


Don’t ever judge others for not being where you are at in your food choices.  Just encourage them to improve and to expand their knowledge about how food affects their bodies.


Here’s some of my food pics~ Did much better yesterday, but still those darn CHIPS!! EEEKK!! they get me too often!

Also, one thing i KNOW is true Sweet Taters and my tummy ARE NOT friends.  I Can’t eat them!


And the banana was not nice to me either– I’m weird that way…part of why I can’t eat them– they make me CRAMP!  I had all sorts of weird cramps in my shoulder yesterday–I blame the banana because it happens every time I eat one!




Roast before it was cooked, with onions, sweet taters and carrots~

Roast after we dug into it~


Snack of some nuts, minus the almonds- I’m sensitive to them…

Okra for a snack, I actually only ate 2~


I did get in a small leg workout– I was having an issue with my left hip that kept me from doing a full workout.

I did do side lunges, and forward ladder lunges up to 5 and down from 5. to make my 100+ goal for the day.

I also got in dead lifts and leg lifts + some biking.

Next leg workout will be better!



Today, I have a some biking to do– I’m getting on it now.  Then later I’ll be running and probably do some lifting…I love lifting and since my errands for today got canceled I have more time


have a good one!!




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