Well, I am BEAT today– had to sleep in extra!! I say (beat) because in my movie script it says (beat) in parenthesis each time you are to PAUSE in your lines.

Yesterday I got in 2 workouts.  One prior to leaving the house CHEST/Triceps but had no time for intervals.  I figured that’d be okay since I planned to workout with my client at 2.  We did a GREAT body-weight workout that I plan to put up as a video soon. It went like this:

March in place for 3 minute warm up

Paired circuit #1:

Body Weight squats x 20 slow and controlled and deep Push ups x10 reps (you and modify these to your knees or wall if needed) Repeat 3x’s

Paired circuit #2: Stationary Lunges x10 on each leg (you can use back of chair for balance)

Chair Tricep Dips x 10

Repeat 3x’s

Paired circuit #3:

Seated arm running x1minute Standing calf raises x10 one leg at at time Repeat 3x’s

Paired circuit #4:

Standing High Knees- leaning against wall bring knee up to chest x30 reps alternating legs Knee ups on ottoman or chair x15 reps Repeat 3x’s Paired circuit #5:

Laying leg side leg lifts 10-15 reps slow and controlled Adductor V’s x 10-15 reps slow and controlled

Repeat 3x’s

Add in some stretching between circuits and sets

Then I had more errands and class. I was also supposed to have an acting lesson which I had to wait 1.5 hours for…so during that time I sat in the car and read my movie lines.

The best part about yesterday is that while I was gone, DH got some food at the store and even cooked me and kids a burger! Him cooking is an epic event, lol!

Today is all about getting done some stuff I didn’t get to yesterday PLUS CLEANING!  AND an interval Run on the Treadmill for my workout.  I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to tackle the “Contest” items I need to do

Have a GREAT HUMP Day!!


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