Sounds like everyone is off to a super start to the contest!!! YAY!! Great job. It’s so fun to have so many new faces here and to read your blogs.  Thanks for your participation and encouragement!!


Yesterday’s workout was a good one. I am focusing hard to regain my aerobic fitness by putting priority on my running.  Typically lifting prior to running is most effective, but sometime running first is needed to get the ball rolling!

I ran hills outside in the 60degree sunshine, added to what I had been doing each time with a bit of an extra warm up. Then ran 6 hills…I was very short of breath! But it was a bit better than the last run~ I expect that tomorrow my run will be even better.  I came inside and lifted back/shoulders and biceps circuit style.  Then hit the bike for an extra 15 mins on the bike of cardio.


Here’s a pic of me after my run; with a love of my life, my Tractor



and here’s me “brush hogging” with it

My weight yesterday was 130 and I’m on cycle day 8.  I plan to do my stats and pics tomorrow??


Last night I fixed my hair up like a Viking warrior– Hubby had been talking about how he loved the look of

from the show Vikings on the History Channel. Season 2 starts in a month.  So I “JUST DID IT” and made my hair look like her’s. He LOVED IT!!! BTW- One of my resolutions for the year is to dig into my heritage more, I am of Viking decent

My workout on tap for in about 5 mins is chest/triceps and intervals on the bike.  Need to get it done quick! I have a busy afternoon and several things to do prior to heading out for that!


Have a good one ladies!!




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