A House or a Home?

A pastor whom I adore, Bill Johnson of Bethel in Redding, CA talks a lot about being thankful for what GOD has done in order for Him to bless you with MORE! I declare that my testimonies I’ll be sharing about my life this “Just Did It” January blogging theme, will open up the doors for MORE in your life!!

Today I’d like to share my testimony about our current home~

About 11 years ago we bought our first house in Bentonville, Arkansas despite having very little credit and I am not much income and that point. It was a dream come true!!  After living in the home for 7 years we were already outgrowing it, Our four kids were getting bigger and 1600 ft.² could hardly contain us!!

We became aware of how we just didn’t feel “AT HOME” there. We wanted something “different” for our life.  We began looking for bigger homes in our area, we thought about moving away to a different state, and we even almost made a move to Florida– But we had no peace about any of these ideas– So we to stay put for then.

A few months later, a birthday present changed our life forever!!  I bought Travis a gun for his birthday in mid February ~ because of that gun he traded in his nice sports car for a truck 4 x 4 truck and then…. he was so frustrated because he couldn’t find a good place to even shoot his new gun.  That’s when we decided to start looking at buying a few acres of hunting land.

At first we had the vision to just find some land where Travis could hunt and where we could get out in the country every once a while.

As we looked, the prices of land, the locations and logistics behind the idea nothing seemed feasible.  Then I had the idea to look into buying something that had both a house and land. Shortly into my hunt, I found a 3000sq ft. house with 64 acres that was listed well below-market price for it’s size and acreage.  I got i my van and started on the trek to find this place, lol! Along the way I looked at several other houses– EEEKKK most of them were dumps.

The house I set out to see was a bit of a mess to say the least, it was dirty, stinky, a bit run down but it had potential.  I decided it was worth calling the realtor about.  We got the grand tour and I feel in love with the land, but the house not so much. Travis especially, he was NOT SURE about the house. Nor about the idea of living 30mins away from Bentonville.  I convinced him that with some work it’d be perfect for us and that we could truly be happy here.

Well, about 4 weeks after giving Travis a GUN for his B-day, our life had took a drastic turn.  We decided to make an offer on the house, it was accepted and we were set to close that April. It took much longer to close than that due tons of RED TAPE….But here’s miracle part:  We closed on the house for $80,000 less than what we originally had the offered on the house– God definitely provided a miracle!! He came through big time with the perfect HOME for us and every day when we look at our land and house we we know he gave it to us and that HE loves us!!  God knew there was a big difference between a House and a HOME!  He wanted us to have a HOME!!

It took being BRAVE and trusting in GOD to JUST DO IT in this case~

I want you to know that God loves you.  He wants to bless you too!

BUT, Things are going to happen by just wishing or praying.  Have the courage to go for what you want! You must take action, get out there and go for it! GOD wants you to take that initial step. Just do it and be sure to tell your story about how you just did it too!!  I  just did it and this is what happened!!

I stepped out upon you my belief that there was something better for me and my family… I just did it;  I got out there and did my part,Then GOD did the REST!!

I hope this will maybe encourage you to go after your dreams!

God Bless,




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