My New Year Resolutions/Goals

MY TOP 4 New Year Resolutions/Goals!!

  1. Take more pictures and videos of my kids.  They are growing up too fast.  I must make an ON PURPOSE effort to capture them!
  2. Attack my Financial Goals, It’s my “Golden” year so this only makes sense
  3. Learn more about my Heritage.  I am on a quest to find out more about my family tree and my Scandinavian and German heritage.
  4. Attack some “scary” goals again!! I’ve gotten a bit conservative with my goals recently.  I expect that to change this year!

One of the SCARY goals I attacked a few years back was writing a book. At the time I barely knew how to type, yet I was determined to get a book written. It took a LONG time to get it done, It was very hard- almost as difficult as going through a pregnancy,  but I DID IT!! I just did it!! 


I want to encourage you that if you have a dream, just go for it!! Don’t let the hard work or obstacles hold you back!!


Yesterday my massage was great and TOTALLY needed!!  I am actually fighting off a bad cold/flu right now. DH has been sick since last Thursday with it and for the past 2 days I’ve had a raw throat, drainage and nasty body aches.  I don’t feel BED RIDDEN, but I certainly don’t feel very well.


Anyhow, I’ve been pressing on! I did a good back workout last night and finished with boxing/jogging intervals.

Warm up bike 16 mins

Pull ups 6, 6

Inverted Pull ups 5 sets of 10 (click link for a short video of it)

Lat rows with 40#KB 3 sets of 10

Hand stand practice plus some head standing

Bent over rows with curl bar 50x15x2sets

Bicep curls on preacher machine 45#x15

70# x 5 full+5-7 short  x 3 sets

Bicep curls with curl bar 50#x8repsx1set

Standing Shoulder press


45bar x15

Snatches with 45#bar x10

I took some videos to share:


Inverted pull ups-…=7620503555277343401

KB Lat rows-…=4119787969895887094


Bicep curls-…=3956930218077650107


Then my intervals. My sore throat made me almost skip these, but i figured if I didn’t run too hard I’d be fine. It worked well-

Jog at 6mph for 5 mins then do 7 rounds of boxing 1 min with rest intervals on treadmill for 1 min– it was good! My jab is getting better each time I practice!!

See the “BOB” in the background…that’s who I get to punch!!


I’m so excited for the new year full of new goals and tons of fun focus!! I KNOW this year will be golden!!

Love ya,




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