Good Old Friends!!

Have you heard the new Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Duet “You Can’t Make Old Friends”??


…I am blessed to have many good old friends. Several of the trainers who are helping us with the Dr. Tammy 90 day Challenge are my good friends who have graciously helped me out by offering FREE training services to the 6 challengers in the 90 day weight loss Challenge.

We just wrapped up week #9 on 1/7/14 The weight loss has been AMAZING!!
Patrice 185  Down 25
Kate 294 Down 46
Sarah 212 Down 29
Deek  278 Down 26
Vera 208.4 Down 34
Tyler 205 Down 46


MOST of the SUCCESS of the Challengers is due to the insane effort of their dedicated trainers…thanks so much Lylna, Mark, Jermaine, Brandy, Thaiser and Wes !! I can’t even begin to express the gratitude I have for my good friends!! I expect us all to be friends forever!!  If you are local these trainers are the cream of the crop and you’d be lucky to hire them as your trainer!!

Here’s a fun video featuring myself plus some of the challengers and trainers:

Contact info for the Trainers (local to Northwest Arkansas)

  • Deek’s Trainer= Jermaine Petty former pro-football player trains at Athletes Plus of Springdale #(479)751-8437
  • Sarah’s Trainer= Brandy Goddard offers private or group training in Fayetteville plus teaches classes at both FAC and Catalyst #(214)616-8860
  • Kate’s Trainer= Lylna Thao a MMA fighter who teaches a women’s only class every Tues and Thurs night in Rogers plus does private boxing lessons 7 days a week #(479)685-3975
  • Vera’s Trainer= Mark Conner loves personal training in the off season of his well established Landscaping company in Rogers #(479)936-0052
  • Patrice’s Trainer= Thaiser Taylor owner of GoPerformance in Bentonville #(407)401-4262
  • Tyler’s Trainer= Wes Sharp owner at UFC gym in Johnson/Fayetteville. Classes available to kids, women and men. #(479)249-8899
  • Alternate Trainer= Elton Ford former Razorback of Fayetteville #(404)840-8217



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