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Listening to your body- even when it tells you BAD NEWS!


Mon, 2010/01/18 – 12:57pm — BuffMother

Listening to your body- even when it tells you BAD NEWS! is the lesson I’ve learned this weekend.  I’ve been pretty much ignoring my body’s plea to STOP and REST due to back/pelvis/hip/sacrum/sciatic pain for the past 2-3 weeks.  AND it caught up with me on Saturday. After my workout I was in a ton of pain and have been pretty much IMMOBILE since then.

I got to the chiro first thing this morning and he told me what I already knew that I needed to ICE and REST so that the cycle of pain could stop.

So….I am taking the week completely off of normal workouts.  It may KILL ME, but I’m going to submit and do it.

The timing of this is not the best with the start of our 6 week contest being today, but I’m allowing contestants to join in up to a week late, so I’ll do the same.

I posted about the TESTS for the contest in the forum…

Just do it! 6 week CONTEST START- TESTING 1-2-3…

and I’ll be posting a bunch more info as we go along, so STAY TUNED!! It’s going to be a fun 6 week challenge!!

I’m off to ICE!


Massage on my MIND!

Tue, 2010/01/19 – 5:55pm — BuffMother

Thanks so much for all your wise words and well wishes regarding my back injury.  I ened up icing 3 times yesterday and I do feel quite a bit of improvement today! I expect that trend to continue, especially if I end up getting a massage!! I’m planning on calling for an appointment after I post here!!

I’ve got a ton done today– it is so amazing how much more time I do have when I don’t workout, lol!  One of the big things I finished today was to prep the remainder of the SSS shirts for shipment- whew!! that’s a big job!

I also got a good post for our contest put up…be sure to check it out!

Just do it! Day 2- POA, Diet and Balance

I also bought some supplements and did a bunch of research on cleanses…i may do a little one later this week 🙂

Well, My kids are HOME from school, so I’ve got “homework” duty!

See ya tomorrow!!


free time

Wed, 2010/01/20 – 3:50pm — BuffMother

I am enjoying my week off of workouts so far…I do have a crazy weird craving for CARDIO that I’m sure will pass shortly, lol!

The most interesting thing about having more free time on my hands is that I have been very focused on self improvement and my goals.  The first think on my list of improving is my BACK health and my health overall. Yesterday this lead me to do a bunch of research on Cleanses.  I always use the excuse of my workouts as a reason not to do a cleanse- I hate working out when i am depeleted…since that excuse is gone for the week, I may just dive into cleaning my body.  I am most interested in my kidneys and liver- my colon seems to work just fine :hehe:

Today my focus has been a bit more on my Goals…as you may have gathered from today’s facebook status:

GOALS?? should I compete this year? Should I become a Vagabond or maybe a fighter? Should I focus on modeling? should I focus on training others? should I gain weight or lose it?? Decisions, descisions!!

I actually could list at least 10 more items on my goal idea list, but i didn’t want to bore people to death with my thoughts and ponderings…

anyhow~ I posted Just do it! Day 3- JUMP! a bit ago…hope you can see the video and that it’s okay quality.  I’ve been just recording it via webcam and the quality isn’t the best.  I’ll try to do most of them with my camcorder from here on out.

I am off to go run errands!

See ya later!!


Thu, 2010/01/21 – 5:06pm — BuffMother

HI all!!  Well I am home from my day of “wellness”…I went tanning for my mental/sunshine/warmth needs, I went to the chiro for my adjustment and the I went to massage therapist for my muscle relaxation needs. I believe it has and will continue to help me get back to healthy workouts next week!!

Seeing all of your fun CONTEST posts and first test results has made me VERY excited to do mine next week!!  Please be sure to watch/read the blog posts about the contest to this point.  They are all accessible UNDER THE “BOOKS” section on the left hand menu under JUST DO IT! – 6 weeks

I’ll also post them her for you for quick reference:

Sign up HERE
Day 1- test
Day 2- POA, diet and balance
Day 3- JUMP
Day 4- ABS
Day 5- Upper Body

I’ve been doing a bunch more research today on rehab stuff for my butt and back…I think what I’ll do is write up a little “series” for the rally room to summarize what I’m going to do these next few weeks to get back on the attack now that I am able to MOVE again, lol! It’s so sad to me that I may have to give up my fighting class for awhile…the kicking is probably part of my problem 🙂  I may talk to the instructor about working around my back for a couple weeks?? But I HATE that! I’d almost rather just not go then have to “alter” my participation.

Okay…NOW…I’m putting this here for myself as reference and a reminder- It doesn’t mean anything more that I am “toying” with the idea of doing this contest…who knows:

(/FYI, you should click the above link for the music if nothing else- FUN SONG!)

Alrighty, I’ve gotta go eat more and get more water into this BODY~!



My week~ and POA!

Sat, 2010/01/23 – 3:45pm — BuffMother

Well week 1 of our JUST DO IT Contest is done…but you can still join in through next TUESDAY!! I’m hoping to officially start this week, it all depends on my back/hip.  I did some rehab stretching and exercises yesterday and was disappointed in how much pain my sciatic was giving me.  Just doing everyday things has been a challenge to me this week- I feel like a 90 year old woman!  I MUST GET HEALTHY! I WILL GET HEALTHY!

Weekly Consistency Report

How many weight workouts did I complete: 0
How many intervals training sessions did I complete: 0
How many days of the week did I workout:0

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? none, lol
Who did I encourage this week? lots and lots of people via the Internet- RR, Facebook, email, MySpace, bodyspace

MY POA for week #____JUST DO IT week #2 (my actual week #1)_______- date:_____1-25-09______
Plan of attack!!!!
What is my main goal this week with my workouts? I wanted to do my TESTS, but I am not sure my back is heathy enough. I’ll see how I feel on Monday.  Overall I just want to start back to my workouts with cardio and some upper body and back/hip rehab stuff- 3 easy runs- outside would be best and 2 sessions on the upright bike after each session I’ll do my REHAB plan.  I’ll detail that on Monday.

What is my main goal this week in my diet? Just keep it in line~ I can feel my hormonal HUNGER rising!  I also have been doing great with NO BEER!!  That’s a weakness of mine lately, lol!

How do I see my workouts shaping up this week?  This is really scetchy because I’ll have to adjust if anything irritates me, hopefully it’ll go okay.

Monday: TEST (these will be wimpy, lol)?- Run -and rehab- Hair appt too!!
Tuesday: bike-rehab
Wednesday:upper body Run-rehab
Friday:upper body – run
Saturday: upright bike- light lower body (really light)- rehab
Sunday: rehab

Sadly, I am NOT going to go to MMA class- I’ve decided that I can’t risk it until all sciatic pain is gone and that may be a while- my goal for returning to class is March  😥

1st day back!

Mon, 2010/01/25 – 8:50pm — BuffMother

Hey all, it was my first day back at the gym today in 8 days…felt good to be back to doing something 🙂 But frustrating because I am at only about 70%.  My left sciatic is such a bugger!  My back is much, much better but my BUTT is SLOWLY healing up.

In fun news I got my hair done today and my hair lady is pregnant, she’s having a little baby boy!  I think that rocks!!

Today is the start of week 2 of our JUST DO IT contest~ be sure to check out my post with a bit of info about training for the tests and about PROTEIN!!

Just do it! Day 8- Diet and testing talk

Anyhow, I toyed with the idea to do my testing today, but it didn’t happen.  I plan to go ahead and do a set of test tomorrow, but will be substituting for the run for sure.  I may then opt for doing it for real on friday.  By then I should know better on if it would KILL me or not! Tomorrow will tell me a lot on where I am at with my health.

Here’s what I did;

warn up 4 mins
chest press
90x10x3 sets
1 light set leg curls- just to test my butt- it hurt a bit
stretching side of hip between sets

bench press
some abs, stretching, dips, in between sets

wide flat bench Hammer Strength machinw
leg raises between sets 10 on each leg
Chest fly machine 60x10x3 sets
Standing side leg raises between sets

back extensions and some abs on the back extension machine

Walk/run on treadmill 14 mins total- run only at 6mph and for 8mins total

r-bike another 8 mins

Stretching/rehab exercises

Press up on tummy to stretch abs and low back strenghtening
Streth glutes/hips
Hip flexor stretch
laying adductor v-s- these hurt even on the Adduciton part- that’s new
laying side leg circles
standing leg rotations
back bends

That was it!!

Food was 100% perfect.

I’m heading to bed early tonight, I didn’t sleep well at all last night!

Sleep tight ya’ll~

Love, Michelle

Getting set to test!!

Tue, 2010/01/26 – 4:18pm — BuffMother

Okay ladies! I’ve been working hard all morning long and ot a lot DONE!!  and now I am getting set to test!!  I am going to do my best to video much of it, so that I can teach you along the way.

I’ve been working on our RR 2 week tour…the first week is done and the e-mail system is set up for you to get 1 lesson daily…so feel free to sign up for it:

Rally Room 2 week Tour!

I also added video to our STAT/DIET day 8 post:

Just do it! Day 8- Diet and testing talk

And I’ve uploaded the forum topic for today’s JUST DO IT TOPIC~ BALANCE>>>>

Just Do It! Day 9~ Balance

In addition to that I’ve made the decision to take on CONTEST TRAINING CLIENTS again this year….we’ll do it similar to how we did it a couple years back~ but even better!! If you are interested message me or post here

Contest Training!!! Are you interested?


AND I’ve made a little video so you can see my fresh hair highlight and cut:

I am testing a new wide angle lense on my video camera so…that’s why the picture is kinda weird on that last video, lol!


I don’t have much time left to get it done because once the kids get home…it’s all over!  so I’d better HUSSLE!

See ya later peeps!


Test for BuffMother!

Tue, 2010/01/26 – 5:42pm — BuffMother

Weight: 128 (cycle day 24 and I am almost 5-7)
Bust: 37″
Waist: 26.75″
Hips: 35.5″
Thigh: 19″

Balance: R side  7mins gave up due to fatigue in my hip and ankle
L side- 7 mins this time on a hardwood floor- less strain on my ankle was noted 🙂

Vertical Jump:
101.25″ (87.5 standing is my reach)

Sit Up in 1 min- old school: 53

push ups- military 35

Upright stationary Bike 1mile warm up (took 3 mins) then
upright bike 1 mile for test= 2:37
*I hope to do a 1/2mile run test later this week

So..all in all I did good to get it done…My butt has felt really good today!! YAY!! I was scared that what I did yesterday may make it flare up, but instead it’s better than it’s been in about 3 weeks!!

Day 10 already!!! WOWSERS~

Wed, 2010/01/27 – 10:59am — BuffMother

HI everyone!! today is day 10 of our Just Do IT contest…i finally got my tests done and have posted today’s tip for the VERTICAL JUMP!!

Just Do It! Day 10~ Vertical JUMP

On tap for me today is to get to the gym again and do a similar workout as I did Monday~ I felt really great yesterday from MONDAY’s workout and would say I’ve improved from 70% healthy to closer to 80% now!! YAY!!

I also had some interesting input on my BuffMother facebook page about my sciatic issues and found a local lady who is VERY exeperienced at the BOWEN technique:

Does anyone here know anything about that?  Is it worth my time and money?

So my plan for today is:

STORE- we need MILK and stuff

and maybe Church tonight…I’ve never gone on Wed but they are studying “Extraordinary” by John Bevere and it seems like a very encouraging study!! I like that kind of CHURCH :cheer:

keep rocking your workouts!! I know I plan to!

God Bless,



Thu, 2010/01/28 – 9:52pm — BuffMother

Whew! I am beat~ and we are in the midst of an ice storm. ICKY!!

I am rather certain school will be canceled tomorrow 😥

Anyhow…I just wanted to recap my past couple days- EATS have been PERFECT! that’s GOD for sure due to it being cycle day 26 for me.

And my workout mojo has been good too…Although my workouts have been about half as intense as usual due to my sciatic.

Tuesday I just did my testing;

Wed I did 10 mins on the elliptical then about 30 mins of stretching and some rehab exercises, then about 20 mins of VERY light weights:
Torso rotation machine
Abductor machine
Adductor machine
low back extensions

i then did a good run on the tready…after 6 mins warm up I did 15mins straight at 8 MPH (7:30 mile pace)- so that was 3:45 half mile pace x4 Continuous, lol!

Then today actually went to my MMA class which turned out GREAT! I was the only one there so I had an hour of 1 on 1 form training…we really focused on that! Then I went to the gym and did some 15mins on the r-bike, lots of stretching and a few abs,  some knee extension, calf rotation machine and smith butt squats.

My hips are sore from yesterday but my BUTT still seems to be improving, however NOT FAST enough for me. I can SEE MY BUTT is getting flat already from not being able to do an aggressive leg workout! :hehe:

I hoped to test my 1/2 outside in my neighborhood tomorrow, but this ICE will prevent that!  Maybe next week!

My plan for tomorrow is to stay sane and try to get in a back workout.

Be sure to check out today and tomorrow’s posts:

Just Do It! Day 11~ ABS

Just Do It! Day 12(Fri)~ Upper Body


Sleep tight, I am heading to bed!

Love ya,


My new beginning!

Sat, 2010/01/30 – 3:07pm — BuffMother

I know God has big things in store for us every day and he wants our dreams to come true; the past is past – it must be forgiven and forgotten~ TODAY is where to begin and I plan to begin again.  I am declaring that “Today is my new Beginning”…

I know I am sounding kinda “philosophical” and vague, but believe it or not…I don’t share my entire life with the world via the web :hehe:

Today I feel free to truly be excited for what is to come!
Today I feel the power and passion needed within my soul for what is to come!
Today I feel the Holy Spirit’s hand guiding me towards what is to come!
Today I feel loved and have love to give  towards what is to come!
Today I feel it is my NEW Beginning!

Thank You all for the constant appreciation, love, excitement, passion and love you give me!  I am truly and utterly blessed~ God IS a good Father!  He has given me so much~ He has given me you- my BuffMother Sisters!  And I am so thankful for YOU!!

I’ve spent the week drawing closer to God; I’ve been pouring into my spirit life and I’ve been rewarded with more clarity that I’ve had in a long time!  Pressing into our spirits is very worth the sacrifice much like pressing into our fitness goals. It’s so WORTH IT!  Sacrifice always brings reward!

A couple weeks ago was telling my MIL how I truly believed that my “fitness life” was VERY MUCH Spiritual to me!  I feel connected to God through my fitness…my workouts are my “sanctuary” time.  My time to connect to my spirit.  Chaos engulfs almost the majority of my day but NOT my workout time.  That’s that time I can pour into not only my body, but into my spirit!  I’ve spent countless hours working out in my life and my workouts do affect my sprit life. And my MIND  also…We cannot separate part of ourselves from the other. We have a body, a spirit and a mind~ all 3 of which are affected by the other!

For those of you who have my book you understand that I deeply believe and TEACH that we must consider EVERY Aspect of ourselves into our quest to attain a glorious body. It must be integrated into our LIFESTYLE and encompass our entire being!  Please don’t forget the BIG PICTURE!  The True WHY behind why you do what you do for your fitness and diet.  The TRUE meaning for me is to touch lives!  I sacrifice much so that I can stand up with confidence and REACH out to those who are looking for help and HOPE!  I want you to realize~ yes I may seem vain or a bit edgy to promote so many bikini photos but this is my calling from GOD!  I have a mission to help women and to be a light in the darkness.  I have peace about God’s mission for my life…I know God will say to me “Well done my good an Faithful servant” when I arrive in heaven 🙂

I have been called to be a LIGHT in the darkness and reach those who would not otherwise be interested~ I have a mission and I will complete that MISSION!

I pray that you too will complete your MISSION!



Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26


p.s. Don’t forget that today is day #13 in our JUST DO IT contest:

Just Do It! Day 13~ Intervals

Successful week #2

Sun, 2010/01/31 – 5:16pm — BuffMother

Well, I had a good week overall.  It was successful in that I didn’t overdo it and that I made it through my boosting with good results.  I acually lost a bit of weight!  I am down to right about 128…Which is not suprising do me because I have not lifted much the past 2 weeks, so unfortunatly some of the weight I lost was most likely muscle 😥  The good news is that I also lost fat and that my sciatic is getting better daily!

Yesteday I did make it to the gym despite the bad roads, here’s the short and sweet workout I got done:

Cybex Lat pull downs

with stretching of my hips between sets

Military press machine

stretching between sets

Bicep curl machine


Run on treadmill LONG INTERVALS of 4 mins- I’ll detail these for you in honor of our focus on INTERVALS yesterday

Incline is a 2% (I always put the incline up to at least 2% while running to help simulate outdoor running)

wam up walking 2 mins
warm up jogging 2 mins

min 4@6mph
min 5 & 6 @7mph (2mins)
min 7&8 @8mph (2mins)

hop onto sides of tready, lower pace and get a sip of water- 20seconds
reminder of min 9@6mph for recovery

min 10 &11@8mph
min 12 & 13 @9mph- about 40 seconds into this pace I started feeling lactic acid- feel the BURN!!
hop onto sides of tready, lower pace and get a sip of water- 20seconds
remainder of min 14@ 6.4mph
min 15,16,17,18 @8mph (4mins)

jog @6mph for about 3 mins
Rehab stretches



Weekly Consistency Report- week 2 of the JUST DO IT! contest

How many weight workouts did I complete:

M-chest, tri, run and some bike- rehab stuff

W-run, rehab stuff, auxillary lifts-very light- legs and core
Th-MMA class; r-bike, rehab stuff, some light leg lifting
Sa-lift back,sh, bi and run long intervals- cycle day 1
Sun-? (off at this point)

How many intervals training sessions did I complete: 1+3 other cardio based
How many days of the week did I workout: 5

What obstacle did I overcome in order to get it done? my sciatic
Who did I encourage this week? the RR and internet friends


MY POA for week #____3_______- date:____2/1_______
Plan of attack!!!!
What is my main goal this week with my workouts?keep healthy, keep doing my rehab stuff and add in more hip strenghtening stuff, lift more, run more intense intervals
What is my main goal this week in my diet? KEEP it CLEAN


How do I see my workouts shaping up this week?


REHAB and stretching daily and do more ABS- my ab work has been difficult due to my butt/hip pain-I need to figure out how to do more without causing pain


Monday:Chest, tri’s, intervals on tready
Tuesday: MMA class; rehab and some light legs afterward
Wednesday:Back, shoulders, biceps and intervals running (maybe outside??)
Thursday: MMA class
Friday:Chest, tris, intervals on tready
Saturday: am gym workout: LEGS…maybe try a real leg workout???
Sunday: Off

Aww…the PEACE! (updated with today’s workout)

Tue, 2010/02/02 – 12:58pm — BuffMother

I love PEACE!  It’s been crazy around our house the past 4 days due to the snow and snow days.  Thankfully the kids are back in school today~ Awww….the PEACE!!

Cycle day 3 was yesterday and I’ve come to realize that it’s typically a “tired” almost “sick” feeling day for me.  I think the hormone levels coupled with blood loss can make me feel pretty ICK!  Anyhow…today is better, my MOJO is rising and I have a bit of focus again!  I did get a workout done yesterday at the gym…it was a good escape!

Here’s the workout:

Warm up elliptical- I actually did intervals for 9 mins
25push ups
20 push ups
9x10x4 or 5 more sets
15 push ups

Incline flys
paired with
tricep push downs

Posedown bicep curls
paired with
2sets cable flys and stretching

Cardio- boxing drills in aerobics room, approx 20 mins

I am still struggling with my butt, but I’ve decided with the prodding of my DH, to try and just “leave it alone” for a week or so…meaning- NO STRETCHING, RUBBING, POKING, TESTING etc… I have a tendency to constantly fiddle with my injuries- which may lead to them not being allowed to “rest” and heal.  So that’s my new idea for the week on it :hehe:

Today’s focus is Balance, so my plan is to do several balance type exercises during my leg workout.  My MMA class got canceled for today, so I’ll be doing a small leg workout and running at the gym instead.  I plan to go this afternoon.

I also plan on catching us up with our Just Do it posts:

Day 15 Diet

Day 16 Balance

Keep workin’ it and stay focused!!



p.s.  today’s workout:

warm up 8 mins r bike

run intevals- most off mins at 7mph on mins @8 or 9 at about 8 mins into it
i did an entire 1/2 mile at 9mph= 3:20

25mins of running total- total distance 3.1miles

Lower back extensions 2 sets
Abs on extension machine 2 sets
Leg extensions 4 sets with stretching to the side (hip/obliques) and standing quad stretch
Leg curls- these were crazy weak on my left leg (did single legs on these) really light 4 sets
Single leg press 3 sets- these felt good…I’ll have to do more of these while my butt is being stupid
one set walking lunges no weight and some walking calves

Video fun!

Wed, 2010/02/03 – 8:20pm — BuffMother

Hello!! I’ve had a nice productive day today~ I hope you have also!!  I’m starting on the process towards getting my taxes started and I’ve also been busy organizing a bunch of videos.  It’s fun to look at family videos from the past…my kids were so cute!!  It’s hard to believe they are so big now!!

No real workout for me today, but I did a bunch of “exercises” on video so that should count for something.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of video content to our last 3 days in the Just Do It contest:

Stay focused…we are almost half done with our contest! and time to kick it in~


Happy and Excited!!

Thu, 2010/02/04 – 12:41pm — BuffMother

Happy and Excited!!
My DH said that he plans on living his life “Happy and Excited!!” on purpose EACH Day!  It stuck with me and I am trying to do it too~ It’s working great as my truth hammer!

Anyhow, I wanted to post my plan for today:

mma class
e-mail those interested in “our 2010 Competition Training Team”
Wal-mart B4 kids get home- Valentines parties are tomorrow for them
Concert for Gracie’s second grade class

I also wanted to share a little fun with you:

Golf video from this summer~

fleeting freedom!

Fri, 2010/02/05 – 10:55am — BuffMother

Last day of kidless freedom for me until the 15th…What should I do?  I think I’ll relax, go workout and maybe do a bit of birthday shopping for the twins.  And then count the days with them next week a BLESSING!!  Gina’s RALPH post today really hit home with me, espcially this part:

“not a burden. It is a blessing.”

that’s a great reminder…

We are blessed to be mothers
We are blessed to have jobs
We are blessed to have friends
We are blessed to have homes

We are blessed to be HEALTHY enough to workout!! (we have arms, we have legs, we have healthy funtioning organs!!)

it is not a burden it is a blessing!!!


Yesterday I had a great, great time at my MMA class. It was just the instructor and I again, until the HEAD TRAINER- Owner showed up and let us hit the mitts with him.  Talk about FUN!! I loved it~ I am getting more and more addicted to that class all the time!

Here’s a quick rundown of all of it for you:

Warm up at my normal gym- tan and ran fast for 5 mins
warm at  the boxing gym- jump rope and shadow boxing
kick drills- roundhouse, back kicks, front leg kicks
kick Bob- took turns with trainer back an forth for 3 mins x2 each leg
Kick sparring- first time for this
hitting mitts 2rounds

Then I came home, ate and took my progress pics.  I am 128 for the start of this buffing phase.  My plan is to get down to 125 by the end of it and take photos and measurements again.  Here’s a link to my photos:

I’ll upload them to my gallery here also sometime soon.

Well, I’ve gotta go ~ I’m currently trying to sync my iphone and having issues with it!! GRRR…But I am blessed to have an Iphone! :angel:

Blesses to YOU!!
-Michelle’s something I put together to share with you a week back-

On Facebook, I asked about recomendations for dry skin….here are some of the replys:


  • Jergen’s Naturals Hydrate- awesome
  • Nutrogena (sp) body wrap
  • Neutrogena Moisture Wrap
  • Oil of Olay Body Quench
  • Burt’s Bees Almond Milk
  • Cetaphil!
  • Quench (Oil of Olay),
  • St. Ives Firming w/ CoQ10,
  • Neutrogena Sesame
  • Olive oil and Equate’s (Vaseline knockoff) Total Moisture mixed together works GREAT for my body. For my face I use Oil of Olay and olive oil mixed together. My complexion has been beautiful when I use it. Also, I put honey on my face BEFORE I get out of the shower while my face is still wet
  • organic coconut oil
  • md formulations Hand & Body creme in a period at first
  • Decleór`s System Corps:-)
  • palmers cocoa butter lotion
  • coconut oil and sugar into a body scrub
  • Decleór`s System Corps any time, you should also use Decleór`s plant energy oils underneath…..i would then recommend the Aromessence “sculpt”, “contour” or “solair”….for a greater and deeper effect.
  •  Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring with CoQ10
  • Olay Body Age Transformation Creme Serum.
  • Barleans Swirl (flaxseed oil) chocolate/raspberry ,spoonful of that daily..YUM!! Then I use HEMPZ body wash and lotion
  • body shop butter-nut
  • From an Ulta you have to try Ahava it is Fabulous made with minerals from the dead sea.
  • Olive Oil!!! virgin…it is lighter..this was my grandma secret
  •  wash with Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps (almond is my favorite)
  • Gene’s 100,000 iu Vitamin E Cream (in the big yellow tub)
  • Virgin orgqanic coconut oil
  • beeswax cream which I also make for my clinic laced with natural essential oils. Yumm 10g beeswax melted, add almond oil and just before it goes firm the essential oils of your choice. Lavender, rose, Ylang ylang or clarysage.

Week #4- HALF DONE!!

Mon, 2010/02/08 – 12:02pm — BuffMother

SuperBowl cheats are OVER…it’s time to get RIPPED!  Plan your Attack Plan NOW!!

Mine is as follows:

Goal- to be 125 by next Monday!
M-W-F Lift Upper body and run intervals;
T& Th MMA and LEGS!
Sat- Everything else-
Daily ABS!!

What’s your plan for Week #4 of our JUST DO IT contest??

It’s snowing here…we are supposed to get about 4 more inches. YUCK.  So  I must get to the gym B4 they close 🙂  I also need to get some grocieries and presents.  The Twins’ Birthdays are tomorrow…so I’d better get to it!!

I’ll be back in a bit to post more about the JUST DO IT!

Love ya!!



Wed, 2010/02/10 – 11:47pm — BuffMother

A woman POSSESSED! That’s been me these past several days…GO,GO, GO!!  I am exhausted from it~ I expect tomorrow to truly be TIRED THURSDAY!

Since today was busy, busy day for me!! my workout had to wait until tonight! I don’t like having to workout at night, but when I am busy the day gets away from me…. I  find that the BEST time for me is in the afternoon. 2-4 pm is most often when I get it done. But I will do 10am or even evening/night workouts if i need to…BUT VERY RARELY any early morning movement in this body, lol! I am NOT a morning person. Never have been, but I always wish I could be ♥


Anyhow…we went to the Lowell gym tonight. They have kids classes there in the evenings and my kids wanted to WORKOUT.  So I made the extra 15 min drive because I love them so much, lol!


My workout went like this:

Warm up ubike 9 mins



Cable flys

Incline flys



dips- one set bench dips 15 reps; one set regular dips 7 reps
Tricep Extensions


Tricep push downs- really focus on contracting triceps…I am seeing nice definition in them now that I’ve lost some water weight and fat



Abs- crunches on bench with feet on bar 20 to each side + 15 straight up
Knee ups on roman chair- 40 reps


Then ran:

5mins warm up
8mph for 4 mins
Then 9mph for 9mins

then on the track 5 laps- 6 striders (fast on straight aways for about 40-50meters)


My butt is still bothering me. and has actually been worse the last 2-3 days…..I think it’s connected to my hormones. Ovulation time last month it hurt bad and then got a bit better and worse again during pms…HMMMMM???

I’ve been taking ADVIL, which helps it some…next week I’ll be KID FREE again (the are off this week for winter intersession) so I can get it worked on a bit more.


Now for a quick recap of the day’s I’ve not told you about:

Tues- yesterday- was the twins b-day…I ate BAD!  We all did, lol! Pizza, pop, cake, icecream cones, popcorn, etc…At least I did have a salad and a pint of blueberries~ NO workout for me!



I had a great workout: I focused mostly on shoulders, but also did some back and bicep stuff–then I ran hard!  it was good!


Sunday- Did a workout during the 4th quarter of the superbowl.  I rode bike for 3 mins and then did push ups- a total of about 4 rounds of that!


Saturday- I worked out- did some leg stuff but also did back and bicep stuff.  I ran hard that day too!


All in all I am feeling VERY lean and liking it!  I have good energy and am enjoying fitting into my clothes again…it’s been several months since I’ve been in the 126 weight range.  HECK a little over a month ago I was 135!


Okay….I’m off to check in on you now!! I love how fired up everyone is~ I think we all can see SPRING on the horizion.




Thu, 2010/02/11 – 5:29pm — BuffMother

Is it FRIDAY YET?? Seriously this has been a LONG week for me…I can’t wait for life to settle down a bit. The kids go back to school on Monday and actually have school for an entire 5 weeks in a row…YEAR ROUND SCHOOL is not my friend, lol!

Anyhow…i missed my MMA class again today becuase of the kids, so….~ I told my instructor that I feel like a WUSS for skipping class both days this week and most likely next TUES too.  Tuesday is my DH’s 40th b-day and the first day he’s back home from his hunting trip to MN.  I MISS HIM! WE all miss him!

I did get in a workout this morning~ and I actually did quite a bit of legs.  I KNOW I’ll be sore tomorrow because of it~~!

So…here’s the run down of what I did:
Warm up- tanning and elliptical 8mins

Squats (butt) on Smith 50#x10x4sets
paired with Smith Lunges 50#x10x4sets

dead lifts
dead lifts

paired with no weight bulgarians 10 each legx3sets
and Hip abductions 35#x15x3sets

Dead lifts

hack squats- no weight (machine gives good resisitance)
butt focus- lots of reps with intense focus on butt x2sets

knee extensions- on leg at time

Leg adductions- 2sets

I expect to be sore from this since it’s been a while since I’ve actually squattted.

My weight this morning was up a little to 127 due to ovulation (today is cycle day 12) and Ibuprofin consumption.  I expect it to be down to 125 in 3-4 days…just in time for DH to be home and for boosting, lol!

I have to take a shower and a bunch of work to do on the computer….so I’d better get to it!!



Hey, Hey MAMMAs!! I LOVE YOU!!

Sat, 2010/02/13 – 1:30pm — BuffMother

Hey, Hey MAMMAs!! I LOVE YOU!!

I sure hope all of you are having a lovely weekend so far…we are having a quite morning here in Arkansas.  It’s supposed to be a NICE day outside and I hope to enjoy that with the kiddos a bit later. But for now I am gearing up to CLEAN!  I am going to get after it and see how much I can get done in 2 hours.  It should be a good workout~

Last night I got to the gym late again.  It was about 6:30 before I hit the weights…Fun Times on a Friday Night, lol!

Cybex Lat pulls

traditional Lat pulls- wide grip

Hammer rows
one arm at a time 45×15, 70x15xsets

pull ups-
overhand 5
underhand 6
One superset of:
Inverted pull ups
Shoulder press 45×20
Bicep curls 45×15

Seated rows- 1 set 90×10- this irritated my butt
Staning lateral and front raises- 2 big suppersets of a combo of both

Then I tried running made it 8 mins- my leg/butt hurt too much…my pain seems to have moved more into my IT band/outer thigh-hip-knee-calf region
Elliptical- 9mins of intervals

Then we ran around town in the van for over an hour- dropping off Gunner at a friends, picking up Gracie from a b-day party, gathering clothes for Gunner to spend the night- deleivering them…I was POOPED by the time we finally got home at 9:30

Ate candy in bed while I watched a bit of the olymipics opening ceremonies…darn Valentines Chocolates!  At least there’s only 1 left now.

I am off to clean 11:30 to 1:30…ready set GO!



Pickles and Peanut butter!!

Mon, 2010/02/15 – 4:00pm — BuffMother

Pickles and Peanut butter!! have been a consistent snack of mine these past few days…it’s so YUMMY!! You must try it!!

Anyhow…I am FREE!! My kids went to school today~ yay!! I just love the peace and quiet. I even took a nap this morning- I came home from dropping the kids off, did a load of dishes, cooked myself 4 sunny side up eggs and some sausage, then SNUGGLED in for a 2+hour nap! It was the BEST way to start this week!!!

I’ve determined that my back/butt/sciatic issue may actually be a bulging disc issue…I didn’t think it was at first due to my butt muscles being so tight- BUT now that the injury is older and my symptoms fit, disc issues seem to make the most sense.  I’ve been in a lot of pain for over 2 months now with this nerve issue and It’s affecting my entries life.  With that realization and REGRET, I am going to be taking it REALLY EASY on my workouts for the next several weeks. I plan to take many days off entirely- I feel REST is the only way for me to heal 😥

I hate to have to take time off not so much because I love to workout (I don’t actually like working out); I just HATE the thought of losing my current fitness level. I hate the “starting over” stage of working out.  It makes me so sore and tired, etc… Avoiding that pain is huge reason why I consistently get my workouts DONE!

At least for the moment I have can celebrate the fact that I hit my end of Buffing Goal- I weighed 125 this morning!!  It’s cycle day 17 and I’m going to start Boosting immediately (more in my diet and supplement routine- as I am NOT going to be working out much).  I am going to take CREATINE again as it has really seemed to help my back in the past.

here are the list of nutrients I WILL take to help me heal also:

NOXS- AKG form of l-arganine
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C
Boosting Pill
Multi- Adult Chewable
Move-Free by Shiff (Joint Supplement)
Fish Oil (anti-inflammation)
Vitamin E
Sodium (sea salt)-3 1/8tsp daily with water to help hydration

Wow…that’s quite a list, but I am DETERMINED to get this back healthy and KEEP it healthy!

I’m going to miss finishing the “Just Do It” contest with you…but I expect we’ll repeat the contest in the future…maybe this summer- and I’ll be HEALTHY for it that time!

Here’s today’s POWER packed JUST DO IT POST:

Just Do It! Day 29~ A PLAN and Diet

Have a stellar Monday…I am off to help our “Contest TEAM ” members get rollin’ on their Plan of ATTACKS!! YAY!! They are gearing up for some awesome shows this Spring/Summer…be sure to cheer them on.  So far our team includes: Gina, Teresa, Kenisha, Deb, Lisa and Carrie!!



p.s.  My DH finally gets home tonight and it’s his 40th Birthday tomorrow…So If I am MIA, you’ll know why :snicker:


Tue, 2010/02/16 – 10:20am — BuffMother

CELEBRATION DAY!! That’s today for me!!  My DH is home (an is EXHUASTED) from his hunting trip to MN.  He WALKED a ton on DEEP snow trying to kill some Coyotes and Fox.  NO LUCK though- he thinks the snow was too deep…But he still had a blast.  Today is his 40th Birthday~

We are going to HANG out all day.  I plan to give hime a lot of LOVE :angel: AND probably go bowling too…that should be fun!

I’ve already cooked him eggs for breakfast in bed…just waiting for him to wake up…And I’ve been baking chocolate cup cakes.  I plan to make a “40” design with them

AND in other “Gifts” I’ve been painting while he’s gone. I painted our room a nice aqua blue and got some new curtains.  It looks great! I’ll take some pictures for you soon.

But for now~ I am OUTTA HERE!  Have a great day, see ya tomorrow!!


Do you have ENERGY? or NRG?

Thu, 2010/02/18 – 10:45am — BuffMother

HI!!! How’s everyone doing today?  I am good and being good….I’ve rested from working out since Sunday~ and I’ve been icing my back too….improvement with my back seems slow in coming.  I may go get it adjusted at the Chiropractor today or tomorrow.  Anyhow, I am not missing my workouts much and have been feeding of off your awesome progress and posts!! So many of you are really inspiring me with your hard work and determination.

The past few days I’ve been working on my contest training programs. I had forgotten how EXCITED it makes me to train others!! I really do love it!! I am truly blessed to get to do what I do!!  The ladies on our TEAM are going to ROCK the gym as the prep and ROCK the stage big time this year!! I LOVE IT!!

Did you know I am a huge supporter of NRG brand fitness supplements?.  My good friend Joshua Smith started the company and has been a big time supporter of BuffMother!  He’s been “sponsoring” me with supplements for past several months and put together this cool flyer that he’ll distribute at the ARNOLD the first weekend in MARCH!  Isn’t’ it cool? If you click on the picture it’ll bring you to the NRG Website.

I like the 3 items shown on the flyer (stinger-energy shot, maxx pump- creatine pills- I’m taking them currently, Greens supplement-which I typically take during buffing) and several others:
Liver maxx
Overdose- PRE workout creatine product- it’s not as CRAZY stimulating as NO explode
and MAXXTraXtion- their “water release” supplement

I have yet to try the new digestion one…but I plan on taking that soon!!

Anyhow…I am off to get some more training programs put together. I’ll strive to catch up with you all later this afternoon!!




Fri, 2010/02/19 – 12:03pm — BuffMother

Iced my back first thing this morining…amazingly it really helps, lol! If I get desparate enough, an ICE BATH is on the horizon. Have YOU ever taken an ice bath because you were so desperate to heal your injuries???

I actually have gone in up to my upper thighs many times, but don’t remember if I’ve gone up to my waist in the past.  It terrifies me to think of how COLD I’d get from it!

Anyhow…I’m having a good day so far.

MY Plan for the remainder:



Have any of you heard of Urban Directory?  Well, last night I tried to submit a definition for BuffMother to that site and it was REJECTED~ anyhow here it is in case you are curious:

Ubran Dictionary: Tried but DENIED submitting this..

definition of: BuffMother

BuffMother is a person- Michelle Marie Berger born June 14th, 1975. She had 4 kids in 4 years including twins via c-section, but is now living proof that you can be Buff and beautiful after children. In 2005 She founded BuffMother LLC and to spread her message of hope to all women. She is also the author of 2 books “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved by BuffMother!” and “After Baby ABS by BuffMother”. Often times BuffMother is followed by an exclamation point (!) and said with a slang pronunciation of BuffMutha!

examples:, Team BuffMother!, Man she’s a BuffMother!, by BuffMother!

tags: fitness, diet, abs, exercise, hormonal timing, weight loss success story

Love ya!!


REST works!

Sat, 2010/02/20 – 2:14pm — BuffMother

REST works! It have to admit that it is needed from time to time….especially when injury is involved.  My back/sciatica is getting better because of rest and my aggressive attention to rest, posture, nutrition and icing.

Yesterday I added 2 new supplements to my intake:

1 a new joint supplement that has vitamin D3 in it!

And I started up on 6 star creatine punch

Plus…I got some more vitamin C…

And I’ve had less pain today than I have in a couple months!! YAY!!  I’ve also been praying.

Do you ever consider praying for God to Bless your workouts?  We typically say a blessing for our food (if you don’t do that…start ASAP!), so why not for our workouts?? I am going to really push into my prayer life because it works!!  I’m gonna pray for you more too!!!

Well, I am off to hit the kitchen and then GO!! It’s a beautiful day here to be outside!

Love ya,


p.s. I’m trying hard to post my food

So far…

PPP-egg whites, deli turkey, taco beef
CCC- Cutie orange, Creatine Punch drink, vorn chips
F-olives, a few Cashews, a tish of shredded chesse and asian dresing
GGG-Brocolli Slaw, salsa
T-cream and sugar in coffee

Bowling and Birthdays!

Mon, 2010/02/22 – 2:46pm — BuffMother

HEY!! Just wanted to say HI!! And let you know I’ll be catching up with everyone a little later today….right now I am getting ready to go BOWLING…for the 3rd time in the last week…maybe I can beat my recent best score of 122…what’s your best bowling score?

Yesteday we went as a Family and last Tuesday Travis and I went for his Birthday…i think he’s addicted, lol! He’s not been scoring all that great and continually is heading back to the lanes for “redemption” ; It’s funny :hehe:


weight 125.6; cycle day 24

banana 1C

enzymes, joint supps

coffee 2.5 cups =T

supps: noxs, chelation pills, parasite cleanse pills, allergy pill

Egg/tuna salad on lettuce- 2P, 1G
more supps


lettuce wraps- PFG
Beef, Pea pods- PG
3 cups coffee, cream, sugar CF
more supps vitamin, calcium, creatine pills (MAXX PUMP)

Brocolli Slaw w/turkey, cashwes and asian dressing-PGF
1 small piece tortilla pizza- C
more supps calcium, creatine pills (MAXX PUMP)

Creatine punch with Emergen-C = C and some cranberry extract pills



Sleepy cycle day 25,26

Wed, 2010/02/24 – 9:17am — BuffMother

All month long I’ve seemed to have good energy and especially this past 10 days of not working out.  But Oh Man!! I was so sleepy last night!!  From the second I laied in bed (at about 8:30pm) the sandman was a callin’.  I didn’t go to sleep until about 11:30 though and it was tough getting up this morning!  :sleep:

Anyhow…I think I am starting to miss my workouts.  I feel a bit of an urge to start making a POA for next week.  But I am still dealing with some pain.  I may have to start back at it really slowly…I am thinking NO Cardio at first (especially NO IMPACT).  I’ll take it one day at a time and see. The good news is that this Boosting, despite being on creatine and no workouts I’ve not gained any true weight . I was 124 on cycle day 25 and today cycle day 26= #127

Yesterday I had parent teacher conferences with my twins’ teachers. They are both loved, but both not the best at reading.  So the school is giving them extra support and EXTRA homework for their reading.  Seriously is 2 hours of homework too much for first grade?  I guess if they could actually read better it’d take WAY less time.  Anyhow…our family is going to be really focusing on homework these next few months of school- FUN!

Other than that…I’ve been keeping busy with Contest training clients and organizing my taxes.  That’s on tap today!

We didn’t end up getting to bowl on Monday. The whole alley was full with some STATE HS Bowling Tournenment….so we went to PF CHANGS to eat instead.  So…we may try again this afternoon…we’ll see!

Gotta go get the kids to school!!




Thu, 2010/02/25 – 6:33pm — BuffMother

Guess what…my DH got rear ended by a SEMI yesterday…and not just once!  The semi kept ramming into him, over and over and over again! about 5 times!! It was CRAZY!  my husband thought the driver was trying to get away (flee the accident) and didn’t care if he killed my husband in the process!  Lucky for my husband and unmarked police vehicle drove by as this was happening and out hopped a BIG BURLY undercover cop who ran up to the cab of the Semi to stop the driver’s assult on my hubby’s car.  Have you ever heard anything so wild?  I haven’t!!  Travis’ neck and back are whacked out of place from all the whiplash and his car may be totalled.  It’s still drivable, but the back end is SMOOSHED.

So…no fun stuff going on here yesterday. Taxes and Accidents- BLECH!

Today has been a bit better.  I got to talk with 3 wonderful marvelous ladies: Teresa, Lisa and Deb!!! I loved every second of it :hugs:

Their contest prep MOJO is so contageous!!  I can’t wait to see them on the stage in a few weeks!!! Deb’s 4 weeks out, Lisa’s about 10 weeks out and Teresa is just a bit further out (we are looking at a possible JULY show)…She’s kickin’ tail in the weight room!!  It’s so fun to be blessed with such exciting wonderful friends in my life!!

In other news…I am still holding steady for the second day at 127 and I am on cycle day 27 today.  I have been sweating like MAD durning the night, so I know I’ll be getting my period any time!!  I’ve also been hungry!! HUNGRY for pancakes…so guess what I’ll be cooking for supper tonight? PANCAKES!! LOL!!

anyhow…prayers for my Hubby’s neck and legal/insurance situation are very welcome.



“Friendly Friday!”

Fri, 2010/02/26 – 10:30am — BuffMother

STRIVE to be EXTRA Friendly~

Hey, hey, HEY!! IT’S FRIENDLY FRIDAY~ So let’s strive to be extra friendly today:

Smile more and make eye contact with people…it’s OKAY!
Say HI to everyone you cross paths with
Break the ice, introduce yourself; be conversational
Lend a Helping HAND; open doors; offer to help carry something for someone, etc….
Comment on a Friend’s Blog
Comment on a STRANGER’s Blog
Send some e-mails or private message
Send some letters or Thank You cards or B-day cards, etc…
Send some flowers~or balloons~ or fruit~ or candy (toffee?)
Call a friend, aquaintance, family member or even and ENEMY, lol!
Text someone!

Just STRIVE to be EXTRA Friendly today!!!  And HAVE FUN with it!!! You will be rewarded for planting those “energy seeds”

My plan for today is to countdown to starting again on Monday= 3 days till GO TIME!~In the meantime I have taxes to do, coaching calls to make and  I have more videos to make…and I will be watching my diet!

Love ya MY FRIENDS!! Thanks for all your love, prayers and support!! you ROCK!!



Sat, 2010/02/27 – 6:06pm — BuffMother

HI! My wonderful encouraging super spectacular friends!!!

Today is:

Sunny, Cycle day 1 (my cycle was 28 days this month- AWESOME!)

Weight 125.6 pounds

I woke up with bad back/hip/nerve pain- so I’ve iced twice already

the plan is to go to the store, then ICE and then go roller skating 🙂 for the neighbor girls B-day party, then ICE again.

I’ve taken a bit of time just now to update my profile’s personal info:

I’ve been reflecting on all the transitions I’ve gone through the last year~ lots of STUFF has happened.  My deep belief that God Loves me and that GOD IS GOOD has allowed me to come out on the winning side.  I wrote in my blog at the beginning of Feb. that this it was a new beginning for me…now that I am a month old I feel like I am finally able to take some baby steps….by the end of March I may just be able to jog a bit, lol!  I’ve been injured since December with some back issues that have caused major nerve pain down into my butt and leg.  I’m finising up my second week of NO workouts and feel nice improvement.  On March 1 I’ll be starting back with NO-IMPACT and a beginner level plan.  I’ve been also working with many contest training clients and working towards being able to open up to take on MORE new client in March. Training others is very energizing to me!!
I’ll be back with more lata!

Have a good one!


My new bikinis~

Mon, 2010/03/01 – 10:43am — BuffMother

MARCH 1 ROCKS!!!! I love the first day of each month~ they feel like a FRESH START!! What are your goals this month?

My goals for this month…to have JOY! and HEALTH!

Yesterday was the last day of our JUST DO IT contest! those 6 weeks went fast…here’s your FINAL instructions:

Just do it! 6 weekTHE END! Test again!!!!

My new bikinis~


FYI- they are from Target.

Picture stats:

Cycle day 28 @126#


Today is cycle day 3 and I weigh 125.4….

POA for the week:

Get back to lifting but not “over do” it…basically begin at beginner level.  I may just do the workouts from my book many days this week.

God Bless you~


p.s. Today’s a special day in our history: RR’s 4th Birthday!!!

First workout= TIRED, HUNGRY and SORE!


Tue, 2010/03/02 – 1:34pm — BuffMother

I had my first workout back yesterday…I tried to take it easy, but you know that’s impossible for me. It’s amazing how working out for an hour can make a person VERY tired, very HUNGRY and quite SORE!  No wonder most people find an excuse not to do it, lol!  The key for me to stay motivatied is the RESULTS and Trust me being buff is worth evey second I am tired, sore or hungry!

Warm up- tanning and
Chest press machine
paired with
Tri-extension machine

95x10x4 sets
2 sets bench dips between
and 1 set knee ups on roman chair

Incline flys
paired with standing overhead tricep extension
30#db x10x2sets
DB Hammer curls
25#x10 x2sets

10, 6
paired with 2 sets of about 15reps  lateral raises with 10#plates

Flat Hammer Press
paired with 2 sets abs- knee ups

Skull crushers
paired with bicep curls
45x10x3sets (2 really wide hand position)

Tricep push downs
paired with knee ups (2 sets) and stretching

Ab stuff:
Ab roller
Super mans

My back was decent during this and doesn’t seem much worse from the workout today.  I didn’t ice but should have!  I will do that today!

my eats totals for yesterday:

4P, 6C, 5F, G, 1 T (details are as a comment in yesterday’s blog post)

Today it is cycle day 4 and I weigh 126; Abs are looking good 🙂

My workout plan is to go do legs at about 1:30– my BUTT will be my 100% focus

It feels great to be back at it! I love to buff!!


3 down! 3 to go!


Wed, 2010/03/03 – 4:38pm — BuffMother

I have 3 workouts done for the week and plan on doing 3 more.  I am so happy to be BACK at it, but I am ONE SORE MAMMA!! I’ll be taking tomorrow off and then doing Chest, Legs, Back on F, S, Su 🙂

Yesterday I did legs:

warm up 8 mins elliptical
leg abductions- I am soooo weak on this machine- I did 4 high rep sets
leg press- I didn’t go heavy here- did HIGH reps focused on Glutes- 4 sets
calf raises- did these between sets on leg press

Dead lifts
Abs on ball- 1 big super set of ladders and crunches

Smith lunges-50#x4 sets
Butt squats- 50#x 2 sets

rotation ab machine- went really light on this!  just 1 set
leg curls
20# x 10 reps
my left leg is so weak due to my nerve issues- it’s crazy weird!

Knee extensions- 1 leg at a time
3 sets

Calf raises- 3 sets on rotary machine- same issue with my left leg being weak

Walking lunges
30# bar on back x25steps

Today I did Back, Sh, Biceps:

warm up tanning
cybex lat pulls
70×20 warm up

Assisted pull ups
30#x12 under hand
20#x10 underhand
30#x10 overhand slow negatives

Lat pull(wide)
knee ups on bench between sets

Hammer Strength machine low row- this is a different machine for me
Hammer Strength bicep curls
45×15 to 20 reps x2 (these are of various ROM)

2 sets between bi curls- lateral raises with 10 # plates x15 reps

Ithe following circuit 3x’s-

Inverted pull ups-about 10 reps x3 sets first 2 wide and last underhand for biceps
standing military- 45, 45, 55
upright rows- 45, 45, 55 (only 5 reps)
bicep curls-45# bar, 25#DB for hammer curls, 55 (only 5 reps)

Roman chair knee ups 40 reps

I also met with my tax lady this morning and as soon as I get done posting this, that’s what I’ll be doing.  I have 2008 and 2009 to do- YUCK!

Anyhow- we’ve added 3 new members to our Contest TEAM this week!! AWESOME!!  I LOVE it~ seriously I LOVE IT!!

I get to talk to Miss Carrie and Miss Lisa and Miss Kenisha tomorrow morning for their coaching calls, yay!! Can’t wait for the fun~!!

Well, gotta go do paperwork,


p.s. today is cycle day 5 weight just now- so not am weight= 127.8- I am very sore chest, tris, quads, hammies and glutes) so i am holding water- Plus I am now starting to really retain water from the creatine (monohydrate) I’ve been taking the past  week.

I over did it~!


Sat, 2010/03/06 – 1:53pm — BuffMother

I over did it on the 3 workouts I did M-T-W so I eneded up needing to take 2 days off instead of just one….but today the plan is to hit it again.  Chest, Tris and ABS~ my back is a little more bothersome to me today.  It may be from my cleaning up the back yard yesteray.  It was a mess…anyhow I CLEANED the back yard in my bikni!  After wards I layed in the sun and read a book- it was wonderful!!

Today so far, I’ve been catching up with my e-mails and with my FB friend and with you!  I’ve been so busy working on taxes that I’ve been a little MIA~ sorry about that!! It’s good to see you are staying fired up and have such awesome MOJO!  I LOVE YOUR DEDIDCATION!!!



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