Totally Boosting!

This is totally a cycle day 26– I have drank almost a whole pot of coffee, yet I can’t get my butt moving, lol!

Yesterday I got several errands done, plus my workout. I lifted back at the gym quickly doing  lat pulls, seated rows and bicep curls.  I then came home and ran hills– my oh my how hard they are when you haven’t done them for a couple weeks.  I pushed out 6 during my 20 min run– I think I’ll keep doing just 6 and see how fast I can complete the exact run distance over the next month. Should be a fun challenge to get it done faster!


Once I got home I did a bit more lifting– some shoulder and bicep stuff.

After that we went to Gracie’s guitar lesson and shopping.  Plus we ate out at the Pizza place…not the best choice for me, but it worked! Here’s my Christmas outfit from last night~


On tap for today is a Chest/Tricep lifting workout plus some low impact intervals- I think it’ll be the bike…my knee is a bit sore from running 2 days in a row.

I am very sore today and totally perplexed about the remainder of my Christmas shopping duties.  I really don’t know what to buy???  I posted a plea for help in our forum~ Christmas $$ Conundrum.

Today I have some “tax” stuff and paperwork to accomplish, then I think I’ll hit town tomorrow for some more shopping.  Maybe I can get hubby to help?? (fat chance, he never wants to shop until Christmas EVE, lol)

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