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Sun, 2007/10/28 – 4:00pm — Helper of BuffMother

It’s Turkey Time! 
Contests & Challenges

The Holiday Hottie contest is going into its final few weeks.  I’ve been watching all of the challengers these past weeks and this place is on fire!

Jamie kept going strong during lunge week with 210 lunges, not to mention an insane amount of pullups & pushups!

Dayle cruised through no dairy week AND netted herself some cash for her efforts.

Dayle wows us again this week by working out twice with a friend AND hitting cardio with her team of Rudolph’s Red Hots!  Girl, you’re rocking this contest!

Bikini try on week not a fan fave?  Leslie & Darcie posted pics of themselves in their bikini’s which motivated them to get a move on during this contest!

With a little over 3 weeks left it is time to STEP IT UP!  Make a plan and follow it to a T.  How is your team doing?  Don’t forget to continue encouraging each other in your blogs & pm’s.

The AB challenge is starting up this month and will be a perfect compliment to the end of the Holiday Hottie challenge.  Who doesn’t want to end the challenge with a set of rock hard abs?  We all know the rule ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ so if you want excellent results EATS are the key.

Which brings me to the 2nd round of the 100% Clean Eats Challenge that begins after Thanksgiving weekend.  That is the perfect time to make up for all of the holiday treats.

Following that is the next Buff In A Year check-in, and don’t forget the one coming up in just a few days! Looking forward to seeing all of the great results.  Remember that BIY does not just run from Aug 07 – Aug 08.  You can start your own year to get buff and just post your updates in the BIY Check In at the beginning of each month with all of the others.

Ladies, all of these challenges go hand in hand to help you get that buff body you are looking for! Even the first mini-challenge of the month – the first few days at least – is vacuums which will go perfect with the AB challenge.

October News

I think the most heart hitting news from October came from Lori when she announced her MRI came back positive for cancer. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t hit hard by that news.  Lori is so sweet and encouraging toward everyone and we all hurt for her.  Her treatments are coming along and she is holding on so strong. Keep praying for her because she needs the strength and peace.  We love you so much Lori!!

Jammie and her husband had an awesome missions trip to South Africa!

Lisa & Sherry won 1st and 2nd place respectively at their figure competition!  Way to go ladies!!

A few women also got together on a cruise this month and had a wonderful time.

October was Rally Month.  We watched the Rally Room members rally around Lori by encouraging her and sending her cards and just being her friend during this time.  Did you find something to get passionate about?  Something that caused you to get out there and LIVE life to its fullest?

November’s theme will be “Thank You” month.  Look for more on this coming soon from Michelle.  Very appropriate with Thanksgiving coming up.

Speaking on the giving portion…did you see how eager the Rally Room ladies are to give?  When Linda announced her generous offer to contribute $ to the AB challenge, Michelle matched her offer and other offers came pouring in!  This truly is a wonderful place that promotes giving, friendship, encouragement, love, and many more positive attributes.

Don’t forget about the Christmas Card List.  This was a ton of fun last year!

We also have a Secret Santa gift exchange coming up!  Super fun 🙂 .

Recipes Pumpkin time!  Here are some pumpkin related recipes from the Rally Room recipe section.  Don’t forget to check the recipe section for other great meals and add your own when you come across something good & tasty.

Baked Pumpkin Recipe

Curried Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Pie – Not

Pumpkin Fluff

Pumpkin Pie

Other Interests

Last year in November 2006 the Countdown to Christmas Contest begins.

Check out our new members Auti & Jessie1b who have caught the spirit of the Rally Room and jumped right in to posting and encouraging!

Thanks Carrie for your fun alliteration titles & themes that always make us smile and for your ever infectious energy in the Rally Room!

Don’t forget Friendly Fridays!!  Every Friday pick a few Rally Room members to PM and encourage, boost their spirits, ask how they are doing, etc.  It is always fun getting PM’s!

~Helper of BuffMother~


Mon, 2007/12/03 – 1:53pm — Helper of BuffMother

December Newsletter Where did the year go?  Here we are “wrapping” up the year 2007.

The big December news is …. *drum roll* … Michelle’s book, Hormonal Timing by BuffMother!: Female Fitness Evolved!  We are so proud of her accomplishment in writing this book.  I know we all can’t wait to have a copy of that in our hands.

The Christmas Card Exchange and Secret Santa Gift Exchange are happening this month.  Some of you extra organized girls have already done your cards and shopping – good job!  Some of us who aren’t as gifted in organization are wandering around wondering what we did with our address list.

Michelle’s monthly theme for December is about Giving.  Specifically  “I am giving _____”. Each day tell us what you are giving to others for Christmas.  It is always fun to give!

A second theme for December is the “Featured BuffMother” that Michelle will be writing about weekly.  Watch for your friends or you to be featured as a BuffMother!

Who is taking the title of Holiday Hottie??  Stay tuned we’ll be finding out soon!

We’re also awaiting news on the recently completed Ab Challenge.  Can’t wait to see who the winner is!

Watch for more information on the Holiday Hottie Challenge and others in the new Books section in the Rally Room.  Keep your eye out for more books to follow.

The Rally Room had some great moments this year!

Here are some fun contests & challenges that we have done over the past year (both official BuffMother challenges and some created by members). January 6, 2007 – J’nea invites us to do the 1 minute Jump Rope Challenge! March 11, 2007 – Nikky starts up a 1 week no sugar challenge! March 22, 2007 – Michelle wants to know why you love the Rally Room!  You can view the results here. April 29, 2007 – We began a 10 week Quest for Consistency! July 2007 – Lynn & Lori start a Buff in a Year Challenge! August 6, 2007 – Dayle calls for a one week clean eats challenge! August 20, 2007 – Darcie initiates the seduce your man weekly challenge! September 4, 2007 – Michelle leads us into the season with the Holiday Hottie Contest! October 2, 2007 – Lori & Laura ask others to join them in Breaking Thru their plateau! October 8, 2007 – Darcie starts up a multi-part challenge of 100% Clean Eats Weeks! October 24, 2007 – Linda creates the Ab Challenge! December 1, 2007 – Linda challenges others to get buff by spring with the Arnold Classic Challenge! December 1, 2007 – Lori says it is time to Get back on track for Christmas!

Several BuffMothers competed in their first figure competitions this year. Tracy G. – placed top 5 in both masters and open Lisa in NE – placed 1st Adrian – placed fourth and received national qualifier Sherry – placed 2nd These are real women with responsibilities, families & careers who have made the decision to make fitness a priority.  They are as busy as everyone else is and have worked hard to show other women that it can be done!

As you can see there is no shortage of motivation and inspiration here!

What were some defining moments for you this past year?  Think about this and post your responses below!

~Helper of BuffMother~

Fri, 2008/01/04 – 9:16pm — Helper of BuffMother

January Newsletter

2008 is HERE!  New plans, routines, resolutions.   I don’t know what is ahead, but I do know that I can make a difference every day by being positive & encouraging to the people I encounter each day.  What will you do this year to make a difference in the world and on those around you?

The BuffMother get together at the Arnold Classic is coming up this year. I know many are on their own personal challenges to be buff for the Arnold.  Linda also started the Arnold Classic Challenge.  For more information you can check out the Arnold posts in the forums under the BuffMother Gatherings & Events topic.

We’ve been enjoying the Featured BuffMother for the past few weeks and there are still more to come! In December we learned a little more about Lisa in NE, April Lee & Leslie.  In January we’ll be featuring Jenn, Julie, Darcie & Kermane.  If you haven’t already, check out the pages on our Featured BuffMother December ladies.

Thank you ladies for your commitment to Michelle & Hormonal Timing by purchasing her new book AND putting HT into action!  Check out the reviews Michelle has been receiving over at Amazon.  If you haven’t purchased Hormonal Timing by BuffMother! yet, I encourage you to do so. This is the information that will change how you train and help you reach your goals!

Our end of the year challenges were fun and exciting!  The winners of the Holiday Hottie contest were TRISH (1st place) & SHANA (2nd place).  Congratulations ladies! You can check out their final information – and other participants – in the Holiday Hottie Book link.

The final AB challenge winners were: 1st Place: TIA & HEIDI – tie 2nd Place: CARRIE 3rd Place: DAYLE All of your girls did a wonderful job!!

Featured Ab Exercise: The Ab Wheel. Note – you do not need an official ab wheel to do this exercise, you can also use a barbell with plates..  Do this exercises with slow, deliberate concentration & focus to get maximum benefit.

The Christmas Challenge is still going strong and it will be exciting to see who will take home the prize! 🙂

That’s all for now!  Have a super start to the new year!! ~Helper of BuffMother~

Helper of BuffMother's pictureTue, 2008/01/29 – 1:23pm — Helper of BuffMother

February Newsletter

It’s All About Love!  Sure, February also has the infamous “Groundhog’s Day” and this year the excitement of “Leap Year” but let’s face it ~ when people think February they think about LOVE!  February in the Rally Room will be All About Love month.

Speaking of holidays, we have a very special one coming up next month.  March 1st will be the official BuffMother Day!  March 1st is the day the Rally Room was created and we will be announcing how we will celebrate BuffMother Day as we move toward March. March 1st is also the day we will be kicking off a 10 Week Contest so watch for details on that!

Rub those hands together, stretch out those fingers and get ready to do some serious typing!!  The week of February 18th will be a week long contest of who can “Post the Most”!!  Michelle will be putting together a cool prize pack for the winner of this contest. More details will be coming as we get closer.

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Featured BuffMother books. In January we learned a little more about Jenn, Julie, Darcie & Kermane.  Our tentative lineup for February includes Debra G., Carisa, Linda G. & Jamie (babymama).  If you haven’t already, check out our previous Featured BuffMothers in the Books section.

The Christmas Challenge has come to an end. We are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winners!

Featured Ab Exercise: Ab Abductor V’s.  Start on your back with your legs straight in the air at a 90 degree angle to your body.  Lift your shoulders from the floor, then slowly move your legs to the side in a V shape and back to the middle. Continue all reps without lowering your shoulders back down to the floor. I like to add pilates style breathing to this exercise and do it somewhat like this: Start on your back with your legs straight in the air at a 90 degree angle to your body, thighs held tightly together.  Inhale.  Exhale, scoop your abs by pulling your navel to your spine and lift your shoulders from the floor.   Inhale, keeping your abs tight while lowering your legs to each side to form the V.  As you bring your legs back together, exhale, scoop your abs and tightly squeeze your thighs together.

Still in the News:  The BuffMother get together at the Arnold Classic is coming up this year. I know many are on their own personal challenges to be buff for the Arnold.  Linda also started the Arnold Classic Challenge.  For more information you can check out the Arnold posts in the forums under the BuffMother Gatherings & Events topic.

*edit* HI All!!! I am so excited to be able to give YOU a super special advantage to being an active member of the Rally Room…. A 10% discount on products (excluding special packages:A, B, or C;and RR memberships)

In order to get 10% off your www.BuffMother.com order (Good through FEB 29th, 2008)…. Simply enter the coupon code


Each month I will announce the new coupon code.

***Please note, this discount is “special” for members of the RR so please don’t share it with those that are not members here***

Thanks again for being the BEST!!! Love, Michelle p.s. those who fill out the JOIN TEAM BuffMother! for FREE form on the website also get a discount – only 5% The snickering dog …feel free to share that info with others


Mon, 2008/03/03 – 6:28pm — Helper of BuffMother

March Newsletter

Is it March already? How on earth did we make it to the third month of the year this quickly?  Has spring come for you yet…I hear it calling! So what is up for March?  We kicked off the month with BuffMother Day on March 1st. The first day of spring is March 20th – hurray! :garden: We have Good Friday on the 21st & Easter Sunday two days later.  :church: And let’s not forget St. Patrick’s Day squeezed in there on the 17th.  :irishkiss:

The contest… it is on everyone’s mind!  Will I be bikini ready by summer we all ask ourselves?  Well the Buff Bikini Bod Challenge is an awesome place to start.  March 10th is the day we will be gearing up for 10 weeks of mini-challenges, motivation and inspiration to achieve our fitness goals.

Who was the gal who could Post the Most?  I have to say it was a GREAT show down between Linda & Kermane.    If you didn’t catch Linda & Kermane shamelessly posting pics of their kids with little notes you have to go into their blogs and check it out.  Congrats to Kermane for posting over 500 times in one week~ she won a cool camo tanks an a 60 day supply of the HT Pills.  Watch for more “mini contests” like that coming up soon!!

Well the Arnold get together looks to be a huge success! I have loved reading all of the blogs and seeing all of the pics from the past weekend.  Here are just a few posts: Arnold 1 Arnold 2 Arnold 3 In the next few weeks I will add those photos to the BuffMother Friends folder.

Featured Ab Exercise: Standing DB Side Crunch

Don’t forget that as a member of the BuffMother Rally Room you are eligible for a discount off all regular priced merchandise. This month’s code is: BMday…to get a 10% discount.

~Helper of BuffMother~ p.s. Here is a copy of Michelle’s Team BuffMother! March Newsletter if you missed the big e-mail blast-


Tue, 2008/04/01 – 10:57am — Helper of BuffMother

April Newsletter

April is here! Of course we have April Fool’s day (today!) :fools: . On April 20th the Jewish Passover begins. Why are we excited when April is known for TAX time & lots of RAIN?? Because April is our transition into many things. The showers bring flowers & growth in the next few weeks.  The warmer weather creeps in and with it comes….bikini season!  April gives us another 4 weeks to prepare our bodies for summer.

Speaking of preparing our bodies, the Buff Bikini Bod Challenge is in full swing.  POA’s and Reviews of previous weeks are filling Rally Room blogs and we are seeing so many women still on fire for this contest.  Hitting a slump or feeling not-so-on-fire right now?  Check out your fellow challengers blogs and get motivated and renewed to finish this challenge strong!  There are still 6 weeks left and you can do a lot of damage (in a good way!) in 6 weeks.

Have you checked out our Featured BuffMother section?  This is a book feature that honors the women who make up the Rally Room.  Last month we learned a little about: Lori Erinn Crystal Cara Watch for more features starting next week.

What motivates you?  Here’s a great post from Michelle about being Motivated by Our Children.  Feel free to add comments to the questions Michelle gives in that post.

The competition circuit has begun.  On April 18th, Lisa will be on stage again – Go Lisa!   Congrats to Trisha for getting up on stage earlier this year in her first figure comp.

Featured Ab Exercise: Knee Ups Knee Ups Roman Chair Knee Ups Ottoman Knee Ups Side Knee Ups Straight

Featured Recipes: Schezwan Chicken & Veggies Chicken Pesto Pizza

Don’t forget that as a member of the BuffMother Rally Room you are eligible for a discount off all regular priced merchandise. I still need to get the code for this month so check back soon to find out!


Thu, 2008/05/01 – 12:24pm — Helper of BuffMother

This newsletter may actually be created in parts, so bear with me as I add information throughout the week.

Wow – did we actually have April this year or go straight from March to May? Did anyone experience any April showers?  How about you April, you are expecting soon, did you have a shower? LOL – I know – GROAN, BAD JOKE! Ok, as Michelle already mentioned today is May Day!  Watch for May :garden: popping up all over this month.  In just a few days is :cinco: , then :momday: on the 11th.  Victoria Day is on the 19th (and unfortunately jury duty for me!) and the next week is Memorial Day on the 26th.

Challenge Just a few more weeks left on the buff bikini bod challenge.  I hope many of you are feeling ready for bikini season when it hits your area! How are the greens coming along this week? Munch, munch, munch girls!   Just one more mini-challenge next week — glug! glug! — and then it is already time to measure up (and hopefully see numbers go down!) and tally how you did.  I have seen SO many posts of people sticking to the challenge and working out relentlessly.  I know it will be a hard decision for the judges.

Comps We have some more figure competitions coming up this month.  I see on the calendar that Trish is hitting the stage in 9 days.  Lisa is heading for 2 MORE this month on the 10th & 31st and I believe Deb in NE is going to that show on the 10th as well.  These ladies are going to rock their comps I just know it!

Congrats Congrats to Lisa & Sherry for placing at their figure show last month.  Congrats to Leslie for her bikini comp placing 7th in bikini & 11th in modeling.  Congrats to Kermane on obtaining her PT cert.

Exercise Want to make that waist look tiny?  Build your lats and shoulders!  By working the upper body, you can give yourself a waist even if you are a “celery” .  Take a look at Lat Pulls & Pullups, Lat Raises and One Arm Rows for a start.  Working on posing also works your muscles so even if you aren’t competing, posing is good for your muscles and posture.  Add your vacuums and a fairly clean diet and you are on your way to a tiny looking waist!

Coupon Code Please check back soon for the May coupon code for RR members on Michelle’s HT products.

April 2009:

Wed, 2009/04/01 – 4:53pm — Helper of BuffMother

Welcome to Spring! Time for the April Newsletter.  Oh, we have newsletter’s here you ask??  Yes, when Helper isn’t being a complete Space Cadet the newsletter gets put together, LOL!

Want to be ready for the season?  Big plans for Memorial Day, the 4th, or just summer in general?  The 10 week Countdown to Summer challenge is in week #2…JOIN Us!!!  Here is an updated link to the 10 week Success Journal we are using for this challenge: Journal

The new rally room is under construction…we hope to  be in there before May.  Please note that all payment subscriptions for the Rally Room since MARCH have been canceled in preparation for the transition to the new site and payment system.   So for the moment the RR is currently FREE to all members, but please watch for instructions and updates about the transition through the RR and via e-mail.

The SlimChick infomercial is in the TESTING phase, which means it is being “tweaked” for optimal results.  Focus Groups, test airings, price points, special offers, etc….are all being utilized to get GREAT results.  Please know that it is a process that requires patience time and PRAYERS.  Please pray that God will guide all who are involved and give us wisdom to make the right decisions.

April’s HORMONE Reports will be about FOCUS!  Keep your eye out for a post very soon about this.  Last month’s report about hunger/cravings gave us some insight into why we crave what we do, and when we crave it.  This can really help you prepare to take control when you see those days coming.  AND…. for doing such a great job keeping up with her tracking, Steph (Wanna Be Buff), will be receiving this bracelet:

April Recipes:  Think Spring – light, fruity, fresh!

Pesto Chicken over Spinach Healthy Strawberry Treat Heavenly Blueberry Freeze Chicken Salad Santa Fe Salmon with fresh Pineapple Salsa

Exercises of the Month: Since Michelle uploaded so many great exercises in today’s post I will just put a link here to it: Workout Pics

Keep up the great work! ~Helper of BuffMother~



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