Void Filled

Hi ladies! hope you are having a great Saturday.  I spent all day yesterday on the computer, so I’m trying to keep OFF IT today.


Just wanted to give you and update on my liquid-ness~ I am on Day 4 of 7 today and each day seems to go smoothly until about 5pm. Then it’s rough!  I want food badly~

also sleeping has been rough

my weight was still 128 today.  Interesting that no food doesn’t mean weight loss for me, lol!  Guess I don’t have much to “Toxin water retention” to lose??


I had a someone ask me about my faith on facebook yesterday and I shared this as part of my response~ figured I’d put it here too!

All I know is that I would be NOTHING without the knowledge that God Loves me and wants me to accomplish great things for HIM on this earth. He made me the way I am for a reason- to be a light in the darkness and to share HIS love with YOU! The second I “Let go” of my need to be in control of my life and let GOD be in control was when I felt the VOID in my life end! The best place to start in a journey toward letting God lead you in your life is to OPEN up your heart and simply pray to God to ask him to lead your life and show you HIS love! Next be sure to get to know more about HIS son Jesus by reading the Gospel of John in the Bible. A few fun  translations that are a bit more fun to read are the Message, the Living and the Passion  Bible translations. Please know that the LOVE I have for others is given to me from my God– Love ya!! Michelle


Today I did my first “working out” of the fast.  I rode bike for 40 mins then walked/jogged for 15 more– all of it was super low key!  Here’s me now, in my new fun workout outfit.


Have a great weekend!!

Love, Michelle

The Key to your Motivation is to Encourage others!




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