Vegas Recap

Arrived Thrusday…late of course. My flight had a 2 hour “sit at gate” delay out of Dallas– so I was starving by the time I was able to meet up at Diablos Cantina @ about 6:30 with a few of our BuffMother ladies! Suzi, Jeri and Jen were all having a grand time when I arrived…I knew instantly the table with 3 hot ladies was them!  Tanya was also at the restaurant with her hubby, Phillip and their friends Laura and John. I wandered over to them and introduced myself. After I finished eating our Denielle joined us.  It was so great to meet all the ladies~ and so cool that 3 of them were from NEBRASKA!


A couple of club promoters wanted us to join a “cougar contest” in the bar upstairs that night– we probably would have won, but declined the invite- LOL!

After dinner we all met up again to go OUT on the strip…

This pic show- Denille, Jen, Cory( Jen’s hubby) me, Suzi and Jeri~


That night we went the the Chandelier bar

While we were there we met up with Tanya and her hubby and another couple they traveled with (John and Laura)– Here’s a pic of Tanya and I:

That night we checked out several other places on the strip including the NEWEST club @ MGM.  We decided to not go in but instead head back to find more food and our BEDS.  We knew it was going to be a long weekend~

Suzi and I ended up grabbing orange chicken and broccoli chicken from the Chinese place in the food court of the hotel.


Friday morning many of us met for a workout…

it was great to be able to do some “hands on” helping of the ladies.  After the workout we headed to the pool…the night before we had gotten an invite to a private pool party at LIQUID.  So we checked it out…

It was POSH!

We (Suzi, Laurie, Amy, Tanya, myself and Phillip) hung by the pool for a bit and then got bought a round of drinks by a business man(and his 2 friends) who was celebrating the sale of his company and contemplating his next move in life (I know the because we went over to say Thanks!)…It was fun to chat and be complimented for our buffness


We then proceeded back to the Monte Carlo pool for some more sun and chatting!  The weather was perfect all weekend!!


this pic was at the Monte Carlo pool- Phillip with Tanya, Suzi, myself and Laura– Amy was there too…but didn’t allow us to take any pics that day, lol! She took the pic of us! Thanks AMY!!

I have one of her and I from Saturday below.

Then we ate, and planned to meet up to head out dancing at around 9:30 after freshening up…Well Old lady SUZI and I fell asleep!  We eventually woke up and were able to get “out” by about 11pm.  Our first stop was for FOOD!  Where we actually were able to finally hook up with Sunny and her boyfriend Dan.  It was great to finally hang with her!

After food we headed into the Packed club Marquee to see DJ Avinci…it was wild and crazy by the dance floor so we opted to stay outside most the night.

we met a few fun and crazy people along the way~ One group let us hang with them and have a drink at their VIP spot.  they were from NY celebrating a bachelor party


at about 2 we decided we’d had enough and bid good bye to Philip, John and Laura



Once back to the hotel we CRASHED! It was late and we were beyond tired. We canceled the “group workout” but as it turned out Suzi and I did hit the gym for a quick 30 mins or so…. We did a good little cardio warm up and then worked our butts on the smith machine- butt squats and butt focused lunges.


11am was the start of our conference

Blurry group pic:

Nancy and I

Jasmine and I

Laura Martin and I


Amy and I

Buff Mom


The conference was really low key- we socialized, I talked a bit about diet, then we ATE some yummy food followed by a little talk about plant based eating by Amy.  AND Sunny’s boyfriend Dan Freeman (owner of FightLabs) also shared some of his Chocolate covered Almond energy snacks with us! TruDerma was the event sponsor and gave all the ladies some awesome goodie bags with their revolutionary products. Check them out on


The Next time we do a gathering for team BuffMother, It certainly won’t be in a drinking centered place like VEGAS…I’m thinking somewhere more like the beach or mountains– REFRESHING and NATURAL!


We certainly had fun and made some great memories and long lasting friendships!!


After the conference we headed out on the strip for more fun~ here’s a few pics from our adventures~ Margaritaville, Toby Keith, Bull Riding @ Gilleys (Suzi, Jen, Cory and I all rode!)…We ended the night with a trip to Freemont street! It was very cool!












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