S2S Winners

Just posted a BIG congrats to the Winners of our last contest~ S2S Winners!!

Crystal is our very deserving winner!! I have never seen her so focused and SEXY as during the past 6 weeks…she certainly put in a ton of effort and gave all of us a ton of encouragement throughout our own journey to sexy!! Thanks Crsytal, we (I) love you!!


Vegas was a blast! I had such a great time hanging with my roomie SUZI and everyone else who came! I’ll post more of a summary about the trip later, but for now let’s just say we made a ton of memories in a very short time!!


Once I got home on Sunday it’s all been about geting back in the groove- BUSY MOMMA duties prevail + today I have 2 sick kids home from school


I got in a great chest/tricep/ab lifting workout + a hill run yesterday.  Today’s workout will be legs.  So as you can see, I am upping my lifting again– I can’t handle limiting my lifting– my current plan is to lift and run and adjust as needed by my body’s recovery needs


Be sure to check out the

Have a super day!!
Love, Michelle



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