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My personal journey from a flat butt to having a booty still boggles my mind…Years of focus have produced results! I’ve tried it all and know what works and what is a waste of time. I’ve also overcome many obstacles along the way- a bad back, sciatic issues and genetically WEAK butt muscles!
You CAN have a HOT HINNEY!! if you put in the work, use good info and stay consistent!!
My workout yesterday was legs:
Warm up- bike 10 mins Squats: 45×20, 95×10, 135×10, 155x10x2 Dead Lifts- 135x10x5 sets- last 2 more conventional typ Leg Extensions- 50×15 singles x3 sets; 75x15x2 sets together Hip Ups- 2 sets 10 legs together; 10 toes out/wider (froggy) Hip rotations- 3 sets
Bulgarians- no weightx10, 15’sx10, 40#KBx10 Leg Curls- on bowflex- 30×15, 40x10x3sets Calf raises- bodyweight on edge of treadmill- one leg at a time x10x3sets ABS- dancing, Jumping, knee ups, superman stretched, back bend stretch +20mins steady cardio on bike
I’m going OUTSIDE today~ it’s finally a decent day! I need me some vitamin D!! I plan to hit the track this afternoon with the kids- I’ll be doing 200 repeats.
See you tomorrow!



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