I need a clone!


Below the Butt~ Day #5 HH~


I started my day with 25min of fasted cardio on the upright bike. It’s day 3 of really really low carbs for me and I’m feeling just fine!
The day is flying bye…loads to do today.

training programs paperwork workout- run hard! add some sprints to see how my quad/hip flexor is doing clean

I am in dire need of my clone today~!!


Yesterday got crazy busy so somehow I ran out of time to do my full leg workout– the good news is that I did get in my HEAVY Squats.  My best set was 175×6 after which I thought- I’m gonna try 185#– only did it 1time…but IT COUNTS!! My knees and hips can tell I upped the weight.


Have a good one and be sure to share/promote the BuffMother’s Day Special!!


Love, Michelle



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