Head to Toe

Monday was my first day back at the track in several years…running on the track is not typically convenient for me– but for something “new” to drive my motivation I made the effort to do it!


I ran- 5x200m(31-33s) walk recovery + 5 x30m sprints + 4 jumps into long jump pit– keeping it fun!

I felt good BRAVE and STRONG after #1~ but by #5….

I was in pain!

The Lactic Acid I had in my body at that point was no fun…

I recovered to do 5x30m sprints to help my SPEED improve

About 4:00 yesterday I realized I was getting SORE, by 9:00pm I was sore from HEAD TO TOE literally!

I did manage to do a small leg workout at the gym:

Leg Extensions Leg Curls Smith Butt Squats Smith Lunges Lower back extensions


AND… I bought my first treadmill and kettle bell yesterday at Play it AGAIN sports — can’t wait for it to be delivered today!!

I had planned to run again and take my pictures for the S2S contest today, but both of those items will be pushed to TOMORROW!  Instead I’ll be lifting upper body today and doing some intervals on the bike.

Today we have a Rally Room Chat at 11am Central time!!

be sure to join us– it’s an easy way to ask questions and get answers!

NOW, I’m gonna catch up with your posts and read more of the MARVELOUS Sexy Contest Final Entries!!


Have a wonderful day!!




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