Entries Due

Today’s the last day to get your entry posted prior to our VOTING POLL for the S2S contest!

I’ve put all the ones posted up to this point here:

Tomorrow I’ll add the Voting poll!!

I just love reading all the amazing entries~ thanks again for all the effort!!


As for me- I weighed in at cycle day 9 126.4 today, my lowest weight in awhile- I think I am bit dehydrated from being outside all day yesterday…

I brush hogged with my tractor for a bit, then put a bunch of mulch out, I built a barrel fire to burn a stump, then I raked rocks and seeded some grass.  I also grilled chicken and sweet potatoes! YUMMERS!!

P: eggs, greek yogurt, fried chicken, chicken= 5 total (lots of chicken) C: a couple bites of a carmel roll, blueberries, sweet taters, breading on chicken, yogurt carbs, BBQ sauce, couple bits cantelop= 4C F: a few almonds, 2 egg yolk, butter, sour cream, fried chicken fat = 3fats total T: 3 BL– no more till Vegas!

I also drank some watermellon/lime infused water– it was refreshing.

Today’s workout on tap is a full body lifting routine– and a hill run.

I’m going for it with workouts MTW this week since I fly out Thurs– that’ll most likely be my day off.  Then F, S mornings I get to workout with TEAM BUFFMOTHER!! YAY!!


Sunday may be another day off, but I’m sure I’ll be in need of some rest!


I’m doing laundry now but soon I’ll hitting the weights!

Have a super MONDAY!!




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