Success in Life is all about TIMING…

Opportunity(or a Challenge or a goal)+ GOOD Timing= Successful endevor




When Opportunity presents itself, You’d better be ready to grab hold of it and PRESS ON with determination towards it’s completion or BOW OUT gracefully if you know failure is inevitable.


I choose to PRESS ON in my liquid fast…despite the BAD TIMING of this crazy snow storm which has made my journey much more difficult.

A house full of CHAOS and NOISE and 5 people who are needing food, I’ve been constantly cooking, watching them eat and having them tell me how hungry they are!  It’s not helping me at all!!


I’m on day 3 of liquids…haven’t cheated yet~ But I can certainly do better with some of my choices of liquids.  The scale went down 2 pounds today.  I expect that trend will continue as the week rolls on~ Not too worried about it though, I’m a master at “regaining” weight, lol!


Today I have a couple training programs to write.  So that’s the plan~ get that done and then listen to some more sermons on podcast.


Hope you have a super FRIDAY and weekend! STAY WARM!

Love, Michelle



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