Day 1/7 in the books!

I got day 1/7 of my “liquid diet fast” in the books.  It wasn’t horribly hard and i actually don’t feel too bad today…YET…Last night was the toughest spot.  I get hungry in the evenings


My energy and mood yesterday were amazing.  I was excited to feel “HAPPY” all day and positive.  Hope that trend will continue.

I did end up “drinking” quite a bit of calories yesterday:

2 small cans of v8 coffee with half and half 2 cups

beef broth mixed with a tomato/pepper liquid soup

needless to say I was retaining a bit of water last night, lol!

My weight both yesterday and today in the morning was 131.

Yesterday my sister had her baby!! Eliana Liv Erickson! She was born at 12:02 and weighs 7 lb 15 ozs. Please keep her in your prayers as she has spina bifida and will be having surgery with in the next day or 2.

Today we have the kids home from school.  A big winter storm is expected to start at around 11am…we’ll see if it actually happens?? It is cold outside~ only 26 at the moment.  I think we’ll take the free time to put up our Christmas tree!!

The plan for today is to enjoy some more fluids Clean it up even more as the 7 days goes along. I really need to eliminate the dairy part of what I’m consuming.  I don’t have any workout plans yet, but I may need to do something soon~ my body needs to stay busy.


As for the Spirit side of the fast– Haven’t really started that much yet.  I was very busy yesterday running errands and shopping. Now today the whole family is home, so It’s hard to find a “quite” place.  I’m sure I’ll press in soon though~ I’ll need my GOD as I get more and more hunger!


I’ve got a bunch of work to do, so I’ll see ya after I get a bit of it DONE!



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