Speaking tonight

HI Ladies,

I am speaking tonight as part of the 90 Day Dr. Tammy challenge that I’m the “Celebrity trainer” for.

Yesterday I did a practice run through of my speech– it didn’t go very well

So that’s on tap for today– to figure it out more and practice more.


I may video my practice to share with you…we’ll see how it rolls!

my topic is going to be “Train your BRAIN toward ACTION”.

Part of the biggest obstacle I’m finding with these patients of Dr. Tammy’s at www.projectfabulous.com is that they have a hard time getting motivated to do any  exercise! it’s crazy that they expect the medicine and diet to do it all for them.  So my goal is to get them thinking differently about exercise and get them to take action.


Anyhow…here’s a little intro that the producers put together about the show:

please like and share~ my part is at the end http://youtu.be/fADZWjMC7p0


ON to other fun news…

I had an idea for all of TEAM BUFFMOTHER to do a contest together.  One that is PERFECT is the Tri-fitness Challenge because you can pick and choose what events you want to do and there is something for everyone!

Grace Physique

Fitness Skills

Fitness Routines

Obstacle Course

Individual True Grit Challenge


I’d love it if we could do it this year or next with a group of about 15-20 of us.

This year it’s June 27-28 in Tampa



Are any of you interested??



I’m off to eat, shower and then prep for tonight!! Wish me luck!

Love ya’s!!


p.s. I got in a great upper body workout yesterday along with an interval treadmill run it was GOOD!! My shoulders are sore today from it



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