Turkey Week!

Hey all~

To wrap up last week~ did pretty good on workouts…just didn’t get in my boxing intervals.

Thursday: upper body plus a treadmill run– I was just finishing up my workout in just a sports bra and short shorts, when the mail arrived. Luckily my son had left a  t-shirt laying on the hall way floor, so I was able to “cover up” quick prior to answering the door.  Our mailman does not need a heart attack! LOL! I got some new sweet boots!! Friday: Benching and then Legs at home

And guess what showed up right as I was starting my workout??…The MAIL again~ A PRESENT from Ms. Suzi V.!! I awesome sparkly workout towel!!

Saturday: Back, Shoulder, Biceps at gym– plus hunting in evening

I actually worked at at the gym in Gravette

Sunday: cycle day 1 no workout~ a bit of hunting but holy cramps in the evening


This week is a busy one with the HOLIDAY!! I’m so excited for some “down time”


Today I’ll be doing upper body, a treadmill run and maybe some boxing intervals too!

then the rest of the week looks like this~T: ? possibly off? W: Legs Th: Back, shoulders, Biceps and run~ burn off my extra food intake!

F: Chest, Tri’s, intervals

Sa: Legs

Su: run

Then the following week is when I’ll be gearing up for a modified cleanse/”fast”..I think I’ll start the Wednesday the 4th and strive to make it a week to the 11th. No food intake means I could get deathly sore! During that time I’ll probably not do much lifting, just keep active and do some cardio.


In other news our old Bentonville house is under contract!! Please keep that in your prayers! I certainly hope we close as expected on Dec 23rd!

Happy Turkey week!! Michelle



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