I “heart” Dr. Tammy

Today I wanted to give a big shout out to My friend Dr. Tammy of www.ProjectFabulous.com  who I’ve been working with on our 90 Day Challenge with KNWA for 6 lucky contestants.

Here’s a great summary of the air time we’ve had on it~



Dr. T and I met via a personal friend of mine about 4 years ago. Dr. Tammy had just recently moved her practice here from Mountain Home, AR and was looking to learn more about what I offered as “hormone guru” in the fitness world– WE met for lunch and have been great friends ever since.


Since that time she’s pressed forward in her life and practice to really help others who struggle with hormone imbalances, weight issues, food sensitivities, etc… The cool thing about her is that she doesn’t look for disease she looks for WELLNESS in people. She takes the “whole” person into account and doesn’t just medicate.  She uses medicines, but also supplementation and education to help her clients succeed.

The way she practices medicine now vs. just 4 years ago is night and day. She has taken the HARD steps to break out of the mold of traditional medicine and I know she’ll continue to increase her effectiveness to help others as she is constantly striving to be a greater voice in the world of HEALTH.  She is truly striving to not just make people healthy, but make the FABULOUS.  For more info on here please check out these links:






Here’s the last update from me regarding our 6 challengers progress.  I can’t believe how the time is flying by!!





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