My Sugar Daddy!

I was having a conversation with an old classmate of mine at my 20 year HS reunion this summer and she was a late-in-life mother of 2 young kids. We talked about the joy she was finding in choice she made to stay at home with her kids after “retiring” from a very successful career. She seemed very content that her husband now supported the family as the sole bread winner. This prompted me to say “Oh so you have a Sugar Daddy too!” She gave me a surprised look and I continued on saying “…I’m only joking, my husband and I have an inside joke that HE’s my ‘Sugar Daddy’“.  We both laughed and the awkwardness cause by my air head comment was over.


That conversation has haunted me a bit over the past few months.  I have a Sugar Daddy and I am VERY PROUD of it! I feel that I am confident enough in myself to speak the truth about the dynamics of my home life and the fact that my husband is our main bread winner.  I am proud of his ability to provide and in no way am I threatened by the term “Sugar Daddy”.  I contribute to our family immensely in many ways and get to have a “DREAM BUSINESS” that is PURE. Void of any need to bring in cash-flow. It allows me a lower stress level and the flexibility  I need to stay happy, healthy, content  as a mother of 4 kids!


My husband is an amazing man! HE deserves immense praise and accolades for his work in the Retail marketplace.  He’s a super-star salesman who has been called upon many times over the past 10 years to launch retail product placement for hundreds of companies.

This fall he was invited to speak as a keynote speaker at a retailers convention in Vegas~

Here’s a link to more a bout him~


I love my husband for more reasons than just the fact he’s my sugar daddy

I love him for his sense of humor, his passion for encouraging others, his ability to calm and nurture his children, his unconditional love for me, his confident nature, his beautiful body (seriously hott for 43years old!!), for his love of God, PLUS many other reasons~ but you get the idea! He’s an awesome man! I am blessed to have been in love with him since I was 17!


So let me ask you this, what do you think about me calling my husband my Sugar Daddy??

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!




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