What’s your POA?

HEY YA!! I’ve recently been slacking on making a workout POA for myself.

Not this week~

Monday- Legs and a run (typically I don’t run on leg day, but sometimes, It just has to happen…I’ll do the Leg workout earlier in the day, then the Run in the PM)


Tuesday- train with 6 challengers at Go Performance gym in Bentonville. I’ll be teaching them the workouts from my book “Hormonal Timing” for lower body- we’ll be doing both the boosting and the buffing leg workouts! Then next week we’ll do the upper body ones.  That way all they have no excuse not to get in their lifting workouts at home with a ball, set of db’s and a chair– NO EXCUSES BABY!!


W- back, shoulders, biceps plus a hills interval run

Th- chest triceps and boxing intervals


Sa- Run intervals

Su- off


I’m in my “Boosting” phase so I’ll be striving to lift HEAVY!

another thing I’m going to be focusing on from my 6 E’s for success items~ EDIFICATION. I’m going to make a list of all the people who I’d like to EDIFY and strive to edify them in many ways!  It’s a long list so if I could do 1 a day for a year I may scratch the surface


FYI– just to keep you up to date, I did a good leg workout on Friday, plus did a boxing workout (I got to spar with my friend Mark), I ran yesterday and today I did a short chest workout plus I’m going hunting now.


What’s your POA for this week??




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