More equipment = better workout??

HI ya ladies!! Just a quick hello to give you an update on my workouts. Yesterday was Leg day.  I made it a bit more fun by counting and taking pics of each piece of “equipment” I used for my workout~  how many pieces of “equipment” did you use in your workout?  I put my pics on my facebook– please follow me there if you don’t already~


My tally was 19, can u beat me?


  1. Iphone app for interval timer
  2. hair band
  3. bra
  4. gloves
  5. water bottle
  6. visor
  7. I pod shuffle
  8. mirror
  9. bench
  10. MMA gloves
  11. BOB
  12. mat
  13. curl bar
  14. dead lift rack
  15. Squat rack
  16. Knee extension
  17. Bicep curl (preacher curl)
  18. bike
  19. treadmill


I did a warm up on the bike then boxing intervals of running then hitting Bobx10’s

then I did dead lifts, leg extensions, bicep curls, squats, knee ups, cats/dogs, sit ups and handstands


It was a good workout for yesterday~

Do you think that more equipment = a better workout or do you like keeping things more simple?


Be sure to post your tally!! and pics too if you can!!

Thanks, Michelle



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  1. I mostly use equipment when I am doing exercises for my arms. For everything else I prefer bodyweight. I am just feeling more comfortable like that. Especially when it comes to leg exercises. I would better increase my reps than using equipment.

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