She won big at her figure contest on Saturday!! 2 first places, including her pro card, plus 2 other 3rd place trophies!!!

I am in awe of how she took every morsel of info I’ve presented to her over the past 1.5 years and is now a master figure PROFESSIONAL!! I couldn’t be more proud!! (I’ll write up a big post later this week about her success story and I’m sure she’ll stop by here and share her insights with you.


My focus has been OFF some of my goals a bit the past month, but after a nice “re-grouping” weekend, plus some great insights from my HUBBY, I’m FOCUSED on what I feel is VITALLY important again!  God, Family, Friends (you!), MYSELF, then after that Business, lol!

I love how REST and Godly council can do that!!

Despite my focus being OFF I have been doing well at my “CHANGE IT UP” plan over the past several weeks.  It’s so exciting to feel the effects of new habits~ Change is not easy but worth the effort.

My Godly goals~ Press into HIS word, Pray many times Daily, BELIEVE HIS truths, Display his LOVE and Help others KNOW what I know about HIS LOVE!!

My Family goals~ Press into the success of each member of my family, Continually stay in contact with them using a variety of ways (Notes, texts, cards, calls, etc…), Stay CALM at home– creating an environment of PEACE!

My Friend goals~ Be sure to appreciate others contribution to my life.  True friends are thankful ones! Friends also are STEADY~ always there when you need them.  I want to BE THERE for others!

My Personal goals~ all the above, but I’d like to improve my diet especially this fall/winter.  I’ve recently become more aware of  my food sensitivities and need to omit certain foods, while finding new choices to replace them for a time period…It’s challenging because it takes time and I HATE shopping/cooking!  Maybe I should start by changing that to “I like shopping for good food and trying new recipes”.

My BUSINESS Goals for the remainder of 2013:


the 4 E’s~





I’ll expand more on these in a later post.

For now I need to get my workout on!





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